After welcoming his 7th child on Saturday with model Alyssa Scott, Nick Cannon has broken his silence on what it's like having so many children in such a short space of time.

Speaking on Nick Cannon Radio, the comedian revealed that he was having so many children "on purpose" after he was offered some life advice by JT from the hip hop duo City Girls. The rapper told Cannon to "wrap it up," meaning... Yeah, that.


The advice comes after it was reported that Cannon would be having his 4th child this year to 3 different women to add to his growing collection of kids. The forty-year-old already has twins with pop superstar, Mariah Carey, Monroe, and Moroccan who are both ten years old.

Straight after his divorce from Carey, he was linked to 2 other women, Jessica White and Britteny Bell.

The openly polygamous comedian went onto have 2 children with the latter, a son called Golden and very recently, a daughter named Powerful Queen. But it didn't end there as the funnyman wasn't content with the number of children he was fathering so he went on to start a relationship with DJ, Abbey De La Rosa who has just recently given birth to a set of twins, Cannon's second set. Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon were born on June 14th, De La Rosa revealed on her Instagram. And perfectly timed, just a few days later, on the 23rd, Alyssa Scott also gave birth to a beautiful little boy.

Phew, are y'all still with me?

Of course, Twitter has been rife with jokes about the pace Cannon's having children at, which is to be expected to be honest, but recently, he went into detail about why he felt the need to have so many.

"Just stay true to yourself, and wrap it up," JT said. "If you're having these kids on purpose, then f*** what I'm saying. If you're having these kids on purpose, then it's nothing I could tell you about your life, 'cause I don't want nobody telling me s***, so just be the best you."

Cannon replied: "Trust me, there's a lot of people I could've got pregnant that I didn't. The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant."

Well, Nick Cannon, you're doing a good job, that's for sure.

Watch the full segment below: