Nick Cannon’s Youngest Son Dies Aged Just 5-Months

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Nick Cannon has just shared the absolutely devastating news on his TV show, The Nick Cannon Show.

The story has broken the internet’s heart.

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Here’s the full story…

Nick Cannon is notorious for a lot of things.

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Throughout his career, he’s managed to try out many different stints which has earned him a pretty impressive resume.

From hosting, to acting, to stand-up gigs… the man seems to have done it all.

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But there’s something else he’s pretty well known for…

And that’s having a lot of kids.

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And the whole thing’s a little complicated.

His love life has certainly been a rollercoaster.

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And which partner to better to start off with than the Queen of Pop herself, Mariah Carey.

Cannon’s relationship with Carey was very public, with both of them being extremely loved-up throughout their time together.

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They even have twins together, Monroe and Moroccan, aged ten.

But in 2012, the couple called it quits in what Carey described to be a “tough” split…

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Wherein both parties spent a lot of time hashing things out with divorce lawyers.

But thankfully, they remained friends in the end.

Cannon quickly moved on, being linked with women such as Jessica White and Britteny Bell.

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And the comedian went on to have 2 children with the latter, a son called Golden and very recently, a daughter named Powerful Queen.

But this is where things get a little sticky.

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It was reported that Cannon was seeing 3 women, after stating he doesn’t believe in monogamy. 

“I think I’ll never be able to be with just one woman again,” he said during an episode of the podcast ExpediTIously.

And he stayed true to his word, because during that time, it was reported he was seeing DJ Abby De La Rosa, model Lanisha Cole, and Brittany Bell.

He has recently had a child with Alyssa Scott.

But Nick has recently been hit with a true tragedy.

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He has just announced that his and Alyssa’s little baby boy, Zen, has passed away.

He was just 5 months old.

Nick shared that things took a turn for the worse around Thanksgiving.

He spent his last few days with his son last week.

They took a trip to the beach, where Nick held baby Zen for the final time.

He died soon after.

Nick shared that when Zen was just 2-months-old, he started to develop what was believed to be a sinus issue.

But doctors said that fluid had begun to build up in the child’s head.

They discovered a tumor, which required immediate surgery. Zen tragically died of the tumor.

Our thoughts are with the family in this difficult time. Rest in peace, baby Zen.