Getting a shoutout from someone you admire is an insanely exciting experience, and it turns out even celebrities are not immune to getting totally psyched when this happens.

Case in point, Seth Rogen. After the new Fergie song featuring Nicki Minaj dropped, a familiar name popped up among the flawless lyrics.

Keep scrolling to see Seth's adorable reaction and Nicki's perfect response.

Seth Rogen is everyone's favorite guy next door.


He's cute, funny, and basically resembles a giant fuzzy teddy bear. He doesn't take himself too seriously and has no problem stripping it all off for a laugh. And we respect that.

On September 12, Seth did something that made us love him even more.

And we didn't even think that was possible. Something happened that seemed to make his entire year, and we imagine the above GIF to be his constant facial expression for the last few days.

In Fergie's new song "You Already Know" featuring Nicki Minaj, Seth gets a quick but awesome shoutout in verse 2.

And he totally lost it. Seth tweeted about the honor from Ms. Minaj in all caps, unable to hide his excitement. He instantly become 200% more relatable. We'd be losing it too.

Here are the lyrics where Seth gets name-dropped.

Minaj killed it in her typical fashion. Also, Fergie and Minaj collaborating? Yes, please!

Twitter has been blowing up in response to Seth's super-pumped reaction.

Like this astute user pointed it, it seems as though Seth as finally made it. He should probably just retire now. So how did Seth react?

Frisbee Chan dropped this heartbreaking truth on us.

Since Mayer is featured in pretty much every other song made in the last ten years, he probably does feel pretty left out right now. Poor Johnny. (Not.)

Seth isn't the only one who's had this reaction to a Nicki Minaj shoutout.

Here's a video of Ellen DeGeneres totally fangirling out over Minaj featuring her in 'No Frauds' back in May. The lyrics are: "I am the generous Queen! Ask Ms. Ellen". This is actually the second time she's given Ellen a shoutout, the first being in "Come on a Cone".

Of course, it wouldn't be the Internet without a few haters.

Okay, we'll admit that this user makes a pretty good point. We may or may not have had to triple-check the spelling of "Rogen" before writing this article.

And this person is clearly just jealous.

"Wasn't that great"? Really?! Who's giving you a shoutout, Twitter user Robyn?

But luckily, most of Seth's fans have been nothing but supportive of his excitement.

Because seriously, who wouldn't have this exact same reaction? We would probably listen to the song 24/7 on repeat for weeks after getting a shoutout like this. But that wasn't the end of this adorable back and forth...

As if Seth couldn't be any more pumped, Ms. Minaj herself gave him a Twitter shoutout too!

Just imagine his reaction what he saw this Tweet. You're Nicki Minaj's hero, Seth. We think it's safe to say you're winning at life.

You go, Seth Rogen.


Just brush off the haters and keep on doin' you. Because you're totally our hero, too.