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Secret diaries that were allegedly written by Nicole Brown Simpson, have recently been revealed as part of a documentary called OJ and Nicole: An American Tragedy and the content of the documents have yet again, shocked and appalled audiences.

The OJ Simpson case has returned to the spotlight.

The notorious case divided the nation with its twists and turns, but one thing remains a fact: 2 people are still dead and Simpson has been acquitted no matter what conspiracy theory you believe in.

But why did this case get so much media attention?

Well, the entire thing had several distressing parts to it allegedly committed by a respected public figure. It brought some horrible revelations to the surface, including multiple failures on the part of the authority.

Let me take you through what happened.

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Back in 1994, the former NFL player, broadcaster, and actor was accused of the brutal murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

Simpson and Nicole were married for 7 years and had 2 children together.

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But, throughout their marriage, Simpson was investigated on several different occasions after allegations of domestic abuse.

O.J was allegedly a very violent man.

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On New Year's Day, 1989, Nicole had called the police in tears, saying that her husband was "going to kill me." Photos of her bruised and battered face from the attack were later shown in court.

Nicole eventually filed for divorce in 1992, citing "irreconcilable differences."

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But the couple got back together shortly afterward, and the abuse continued. It was later revealed that Nicole had called 911 in 1993, crying and saying that "He [Simpson] is going to beat the s**t out of me".

And, just 4 days before her murder, a women's shelter received a distressed phone call.

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According to the shelter, Nicole had called to say that she was afraid of her ex-husband and that she believed he was stalking her.

So, on June 13th, 1994, when Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman, were found dead with multiple stab wounds...

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O.J. was an instant suspect.

And his reaction to the news of Nicole's death only raised suspicions further.

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Detective Ron Phillips testified that when he called Simpson in Chicago to tell him of his ex-wife's murder, he sounded "very upset" but was oddly unconcerned about the circumstances of her death. He was apparently very unconcerned as to whether his children had been harmed, also.

So, on June 17th, it was agreed by detectives that Simpson would be formally charged with Nicole's murder.

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Simpson quickly got to work formulating his "dream team" of attorneys, including Robert Shapiro, Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., F. Lee Bailey, and his friend, Robert Kardashian. But he hastily backtracked on his agreed surrender - He penned twenty-four "suicide notes" to close friends and family, got into his white Ford Bronco, and took off.

The O.J. Simpson police chase has become one of the most talked-about pursues in history.

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Pretty much every news station got wind of the chase, with helicopters even been deployed to capture footage from the chase.

Thousands of spectators and onlookers packed overpasses along the route of the chase, waiting for a glimpse of the white Bronco...

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And, in a festival-like atmosphere, many had signs like "Go O.J." urging Simpson to flee.

But, nearly 2 hours later, and after the police negotiated a visit with his mother, the chase was finally brought to an end.

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Simpson was charged with both murders and held without bail. But, remarkably, the Bronco chase, the suicide note, and the gun found in the Bronco were not presented as evidence in the criminal trial.

The trial commenced on June 20th...

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And the televised “trial of the century" lasted nearly a year, becoming a national obsession fraught with issues of racism, celebrity privilege, police misconduct, and domestic violence.

The nation was truly divided over Simpson's innocence.

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While many people - his friends included - interpreted his Bronco chase and suicide notes as an obvious admission of guilt, thousands of others supported his attempt to flee prosecution and were sympathetic to his feelings of guilt.

The trial itself was a rollercoaster...

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And we all remember the infamous glove moment. A black leather glove that was found at the scene of the crime was alleged to be Simpson's, and would ultimately prove that he in fact murdered Nicole and Ron.

Famously, Simpson was instructed to wear the glove in front of the jury.

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But, as he pulled it on, it was evidently way too small on his hands, and the material could be seen straining against his fingers. Clearly, the glove wasn't his.

But the country was still divided.

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Despite the small glove, people were still convinced that Simpson was responsible for Nicole's and Ron's murders, and was calling for him to be rightfully convicted.

But, people were dismayed when, on October 3rd, 1995, Simpson was officially acquitted of both murder charges.

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An estimated 100 million people worldwide watched or listened to the verdict announcement.

Since his acquittal, Simpson has kept a low profile.

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In 1997, he was ordered to pay Nicole's and Ron's families $33.5 million for their wrongful deaths - Their murders, to this day, remain unsolved. The ex-footballer rarely speaks about the trial and has chosen to remain out of the public eye.

But recently, the buzz around a new documentary based on the case has dug everything up again.

As part of OJ and Nicole: An American Tragedy, the re-telling of the case has finally exposed some of the more intimate details, including diaries allegedly written by Nicole Brown Simpson.

The entries have shocked the world and re-started the talk about the trial.

In the entries, his ex-wife details horrifying encounters with her husband.

At one point, she wrote in very unclear handwriting that he once screamed at her saying: "Get out my f****** house you fat a** liar!"

In a different entry, she also wrote about one particular incident that happened at a hotel.

In 1978, she apparently recalled the first time he beat her up, saying that he punched and kicked her in their hotel room for hours while she tried to escape.

And this kind of abuse continued over the next decade and then some.

She said that he often left her black and blue after several beatings and even smashed her car up one time in a jealous rage.

These entries didn't get any easier to read with another claiming that he beat her up so badly that she had to go to the hospital.

But of course, she pretended she was involved in a bicycle accident rather than telling them how it really happened. She described that day saying: "After we finished our drinks we left. [Simpson] beat me up so bad at home. Tore my blue sweater and blue socks completely off me. Went to hospital on Wilshire, pretended it was a bicycle accident."

Not only that, but he also threatened to kill her while she was pregnant:

"OJ was drunk, he never let up. Get out my f****** house you fat a** liar. I packed a few things together. "He locked the door again. I buzzed. Do I really have to go tonight? [Their daughter] Sydney’s sleeping, it’s late. Let me tell you how serious I am. I have a gun in my hand, get the f*** out of here."

Not only was he abusive, Simpson allegedly had other problematic things about him.

In a different entry, it was described that a gay man had given their son a kiss and that caused Simpson to get extremely angry. "OJ threw me against walls in our hotel and on the floor. Put bruises on my arms and back. The window scarred me - thought he’d throw me out."

Nicole's family wasn't aware of all the abuse that took place until after she filed for a divorce.

But she "wanted him back" not long after and her sister, Tanya Brown, said she was under his spell and couldn't snap out of it and that's what ultimately led to her (and her friend's) death in 1994.

This documentary aims to give Nicole a voice when she didn't have one throughout the entire ordeal.

Investigation Discovery boss, Henry Schleiff, explained that "This documentary is not here to retell the famous trial, but to remember the woman who struggled with domestic violence and now tells her side of the story, in her words, for the first time."

Here's a look at a clip of the trailer:

OJ and Nicole: An American Tragedy will premiere on October 3rd.