Nike Executive Quits Over Son’s $132k Sneaker Purchase

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A Nike executive has reportedly quit her job after her son used her credit card to splurge on Nike products for his own resale company…

Now that’s a conversation I wouldn’t want to be a part of.

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Here’s the full story…

Ann Hebert had worked as the vice president and general manager of Nike’s North America division.

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She had spent the last twenty-five-years working her way up in the company.

However, she was implicated after a Bloomberg Businessweek report came across suspicious activity conducted by her son.

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Nineteen-year-old Joe Herbert had been found using his mother’s credit card to purchase an eye-watering sum of money’s worth of sneakers from the company.

However, it was then found to have been in order to benefit his own resale company.

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From this, the executive swiftly announced her resignation.

On one hand, many have expressed their pity for Herbert.

However, others haven’t been too sympathetic.

Reports are claiming that her son had purchased 600 pairs of a sought-after sneaker – the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Zyon – after they were released…

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Which all amounted to a price of over $132,000.

It is believed that the nineteen-year-old used the corporate American Express credit card which was in his mother’s name to build up the stock of his resale business, West Coast Streetwear.

The shoes were then sold for more than $20,000 profit.

Other sources have said that her son had previously also used his mother’s employee discount to purchase sneakers in bulk from Nike outlet stores.

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However, the young man has denied ever receiving inside information from his mother, according to Bloomberg.

In a statement, Nike said Hebert resigned from her role voluntarily.

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“Ann Hebert, VP/GM, North America geography has decided to step down from Nike, effectively immediately,” the company wrote in an email to employees, according to Complex. “We thank Ann for her more than twenty-five-years with Nike and wish her well.”

Herbert herself is yet to address the issue.

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Updates will be posted accordingly.