Noah Cyrus Says Growing up With Miley Was ‘Unbearable’

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Noah Cyrus, Miley’s little sister, has opened up to her fans about growing up with the star and how it was actually “unbearable.”

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But now, Miley’s little sister Noah Cyrus has opened up about how “unbearable” it was growing up with the turbulent star.  

With a relationship that spanned across almost a decade, the pair have been in and out of each other’s lives for a very long time.

And even though they were constantly breaking up and getting back together, they made for one of Hollywood’s cutest couples.

MIley’s Bangerz era in 2013 saw them split for a long period of time…

And when heartbroken fans thought this was the ultimate end, the couple yet again rekindled their romance.

The led people to believe that this happy occasion would finally mark an end to their constant breakups.

Only about 8 months after getting married, the couple announced that they were calling it quits… Again.

It seems that the pair were deadly serious about going their separate ways with Miley deciding to start seeing other people very quickly.

The singer moved on fast.

Miley’s shocking yet brief romance with Kaitlynn Carter stole our hearts for approximately twelve minutes before things fizzled out.

We all know where this one is going…

You remember Cody, right? He was basically like the Australian Justin Bieber back in 2009, making that lovey-dovey kind of music with lines that only turned into lies as we grew up. Love is not as cute as Simpson made it out to be.

He was there supporting the singer through all of her relationship ups and downs, and it seems as if the pair finally found some comfort in each other.

Miley revealed just a few weeks after dating that Cody was her “BF” on her Instagram stories and this had the internet reeling.

Miley and Cody hosted a live Q&A with their fans in which she discussed her feelings about her ex as well as giving us relationship advice.

“There are good men out there, guys, don’t give up. You don’t have to be gay, there are good people with d**ks out there, you’ve just got to find them. You’ve got to find a d**k that’s not a d**k, you know.”

She continued: “I always thought I had to be gay because I thought all guys were evil, but it’s not true. There are good people out there that just happen to have d**ks. I’ve only ever met one, and he’s on this live.”  

All the while, Liam kept pretty quiet on his social media about the entire exchange or any part of their relationship.

Reports surfaced that the couple’s divorce was finalized 4 months ago, so it really is the end of an era for all of us.

Firstly, we have Miley’s vocal comments. She posted this on Twitter back in August.

This post basically summed up why Liam refused to comment on the issue.  

And even though there’s been a fair share of childish drama on Miley’s part, it seems that the couple is better off without each other.

And it’s easy to say that not many of us have been left surprised considering the star’s turbulent behavior over the last decade.

And as we can imagine, it wasn’t smooth sailing.

Making her Miley’s baby sister.

And she has recently responded to some certain lyrics that fans believe to be a metaphor about her big sister.

The lyric that fans pointed out compares Miley to, “sunshine, bringing good light wherever she’ll go,”  while she, “was born to rain clouds, blessed in her shadows.”

And it was clearly very emotional for the young woman as it didn’t take long for her to break down in tears. “I think just the message in the second verse, being born in the family I was in, everyone gave me such a hard time for having a hard time being Miley’s little sister,” she said.

“But you know, I always felt like I was that person that no one gave a s**t about due to what people said to me online,” she added, calling the experience, “absolutely unbearable.”

“I always believed that and that’s so hard for me to overcome, you know, and that was something I heard my whole life, every single day, my whole life,” she added. “It was either that or that I wasn’t enough in some way, whether it was the way I look or the way I am. Like I said the other day, sometimes I feel like I don’t even breathe right sometimes.”

“Basically, that is what the song is about, and I just wanted to open up about that once and for all, because that’s been a big part of my life, and I probably won’t talk about it anymore. I just wanted to put it out,” Noah continued.

“Everybody always says you’re giving the people power by seeing it, but I can’t control seeing it. You guys are young, you know the internet. It’s been really tough on me, so that song is just pretty tough to get through,” she concluded.

And it is truly heartbreaking that Noah feels this way, despite being so close to Miley.

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