Non-Binary Customer Calls Out Hairstylist for Complaining He ‘Doesn’t Cut Girl Hair’

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A non-binary customer recently “exposed” their hairstylist after he stated that he “doesn’t cut girl hair.”

Gabrielle was left feeling uncomfortable after they claimed a barber used “harmful and damaging” language during their visit.

Gabrielle, who identifies as non-binary, claimed to have been disrespected while getting a haircut from Aaron at his barbershop in Sydney, Australia.
When they got home, they decided to send him a polite message on Instagram just explaining why some of the comments he made could be deemed offensive by people who identify as queer.

“Hey Aaron, you cut my hair a few days ago and made some pretty harmful comments. First of all I am nonbinary. And second of all, haircuts are not gendered.”

They continued: “Telling me that I am a girl and you do not cut ‘girls hair’ is frankly sexist and uncalled for. My hair is biologically no different than any other gender. I asked for a masculine haircut, which you do.”
Gabrielle’s gender means that they don’t identify exclusively with being male or female. Instead, they can be a mixture of them both or neither of them at all.

“You did a great job, I love my haircut but situations like these make queer people feel uncomfortable and afraid, it’s why most of us resort to cutting or coloring our hair in our bathrooms,” Gabrielle said.

“I hope I am able to come back to the Groomsmen one day without fear of being discriminated against and I hope you can understand where I’m coming from,” they added.
But unfortunately, Aaron did not take well to the advice and hit back at them with messages of his own.

“Just try and give it a rest on the whole sexual orientation and gender equality accusations okay? Quite frankly I do not recall myself making any harmful comments,” he said.

He then moved the conversation from the DMs to his Stories.
“If you’re a man who’s now gay or had a sex change you’ve still got male hair. I had a girl come in – a girl, a female, a woman – and ask for a men’s haircut,” he said. “‘It doesn’t f****** matter if you’re requesting a men’s haircut, you’re still a female, you still have female hair. You’re a girl, everything you have is feminine. None of this ‘I’m gay, now I’m a boy’. Nah man you’re a f***** woman.
“I don’t care who you like, you’re a woman, you will always be a woman, you will always have woman hair.”

His scathing rant was not well-received by others, but he did not care.

He doubled down on his point of view, stating that Gabrielle and other people like them were “entitled.”
“You know what’s funny with you people, you think this world owes you it all because you had the courage to come out. Listen here yeah, you know why people don’t accept you, because of the way you represent yourself,’ he wrote. “I was good enough to cut your hair and charge you a tight a** rate and you still want to attack me for saying you have female hair. YOU DO!!”
He then tried to justify his views by claiming he has “gay and lezzo friends.”
“You’re a f****** woman man, and it has nothing to do with what private part you chew on. So get the f*** over yourself.”

Rather than biting back at his unreasonable response, Gabrielle just kept it classy and short.

“I’d be happy to provide some info on the queer community should you decide to educate yourself. Happy Pride month,” they said, to which the disgraced barber replied “You mean the circus,” but again, Gabrielle was just too good for him referring to him as the “clown.”
So get your face paint and wig on Aaron, it’s time for your shift.
Here’s some life advice for you all: Don’t be discriminatory or transphobic like Aaron, just be a respectful human being. Thanks.