Non-Binary Person Teaches This Hateful Parent Tolerance and Their Text Conversation Goes Viral

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A non-binary model has gone viral for their perfect response after they received a series of hateful messages from a parent who was concerned about their child’s gender identity.

Rain Dove posted the conversation to their Instagram account and was quickly applauded for their brilliant reply, which not only shut down the abusive parent but somehow changed their perspective on the matter entirely.

Keep scrolling for the full story, which comes with an incredibly heartwarming twist…

Long gone are the days where there are simply “men” and “women”. It’s 2019, and there are hundreds of different ways in which a person can identify… And non-binary is certainly one of the most common.

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, “non-binary” is the term people use to describe genders that don’t fall into the 2 categories of male or female.

But, of course, there are several people out there who can’t bear the idea of a person identifying as something outside of the “normal” genders.

Like most who are uneducated on the topic, many people sit behind their keyboards and send abusive messages to those who identify as non-binary… for reasons completely unbeknown to most.

But some choose to address the issue by sharing the abusive messages they receive in a means of highlighting the prejudice non-binary people still face on a daily basis.

Growing tired of the volume of online hate they were receiving, Rain decided to out the haters by sharing their hate-filled messages to their Instagram account.

Growing up in Vermont, the non-binary model has known since childhood that they are not a regular girl.

“The male firefighters asked me to rate the women with them. I realized very quickly that I didn’t want to be the ugly woman in a room full of men so I went along with being a man for the next eleven months,” the model told Yahoo Style.

As both a man and a woman.

Rain has received their fair share of hate, and regularly shares messages that they receive off narrow-minded individuals off the internet to their Instagram page.

Because sometimes, to laugh is the only way to combat bigotted people like the one demonstrated above.

Instead of the usual, mindless insults, Rain received a message from a parent who was concerned about their child’s wish to change their gender identity.

And expressed that she believed it was entirely Rain’s fault. Initially, Rain responded with their usual sarcasm and wit, saying: “Oh no! Did I give them the flu?”

The woman’s child, who is clearly wanting to transition from female to male, had apparently asked for a chest strap for Christmas, therefore sending their mom into a melt-down. Rain attempted to discuss the topic and asked how the woman felt about her child’s decision.

And said that her child hates her body, all because of people like Rain.

Rain remained calm, and responded civilly and maturely, commenting on how she must care a lot for her child to be reaching out in this manner.

The parent seemed to relax a little, and even calls Rain “refreshing” for their comments. Rain goes on to ask what she had said about getting her child a binder, in which the mom responds, “Obviously NO.”

But the mom, clearly agitated again, replies: “I refuse supporting [sic] my child hating her body and I’m not a bad parent for that.” Again, kind of missing the point…

And the mom, who initially came across as angry and hateful, begins to reveal a softer side, simply questioning why her child would want to alter their body in this way.

And stresses that this child will need their mom’s unconditional love and support, regardless of what gender they identify as.

And the mom is suddenly confiding in Rain, who she was so quick to criticize not too long ago. She admits that she just wants her child to be alive and happy, and to love herself, and Rain reminds her that it is easier to love yourself when you feel loved by your family.

And Rain talks her through on how to safely use a strap and even recommends a company which specializes in straps and the correct usage.

“Bless if I have more questions I can ask you”. Clearly, the woman has been moved by Rain’s willingness to talk and discuss the topic, and now sees them as a reliable and safe source to enquire about gender-related issues for her child.

And the woman leaves the chat as a completely different person, writing: “I’m doing research on the bindings will chat later. Thank you very much for talking me through without being angry [sic] I want her to live a life she loves that’s all.”

Rain’s patience, maturity, and sheer kindness were able to turn the once-bigotted woman’s views around completely, and potentially save her relationship with her transgender child. Bravo, Rain!