Moms Are Normalizing Laughing At How Funny Their Babies Looked When They Were Born

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Moms on TikTok are sharing hilarious clips of what their babies looked like when they were born to normalize laughing at newborns…

It’s true, as exciting as it is to welcome a little bundle of joy into the world, the first few months are always hard! Not just because you’re physically and emotionally exhausted, but also because…well, let’s admit it, they look like little aliens for a little while. And that’s ok.

Well, some moms online have taken it upon themselves to normalize their babies’ hilarious looks when they were born and it’s all in a bid to make other moms feel better.

One mom, who goes by the username @lucybaehr, shared a video showing several photos of herself when she was pregnant, captioning it, “Not me thinking my baby would be the cutest newborn and look just like me…”

Lucy then added the first-ever pictures she captured of her daughter. The mom later said her daughter has had “quite the glow up.”

People on TikTok found it hilarious, with some pointing out she looks like Mr. Bean, while others said they would “simply leave the baby in the hospital” if she came out looking like that.

One person commented: “Mom: ‘is it a boy or a girl?’ Doctor: ‘it’s John Goodman apparently.'”

And this has sparked other moms to jump on the trend.

TikTok user @lizzyb917 also decided to showcase real photos of her newborn baby. She said she asked her husband how they would react if their baby is “weird-looking,” swearing they would still “think she’s beautiful.”

Despite their previous talks, the mom admitted to calling her “Dani Devito for the first month” of her life.

And TikTok users think this new candid approach to motherhood is pretty hilarious.

One mom commented saying: “Babies just don’t get cute until the three-month mark.” We have to agree.

She then went on to share the classic cone head picture that sometimes freaks new parents out.

The trend has truly taken off in the best way possible.

TikToker @marissaaho also hopped on the trend and shared what many people told her when she first announced she was pregnant…

“You’re going to make the most beautiful baby.” And she followed up with some pretty average-looking newborn pictures…

And there’s more… TikToker @michellemiamay introduced the world to her newborn, starting with an adorable pregnancy announcement.

…and then graced us with a series of unflattering pictures.

“She needed a little time but she’s adorable now,” the mom wrote.

I’m sure she is. I mean if those luscious locks are anything to go by, then she’s seriously hit the genetic jackpot!

So the truth is out, babies are just simply not that cute, but we all secretly knew that anyway, right?