North Carolina Zoo Welcomes Its Fourth Baby White Rhino in 2 Years

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Who doesn’t love the arrival of a baby animal?

Baby animals are not only the cutest things, but they are also a great sign of conservation.

North Carolina Zoo has recently welcomed a very special arrival, so make sure to keep scrolling to find out more…

The video at the end of her learning to stand will melt your heart.

Zoos are now generally frowned upon in the name of animal rights and conservation, but not all zoos are as bad as they seem.

And they are keen to educate visitors on the welfare of the animals they care for.

And a lot of animals kept in captivity are there purely because they couldn’t survive outside in the wild.

One of which is the popular North Carolina Zoo.

Spread over five-hundred developed acres and 2,600 wooded acres – it’s a pretty big deal, to say the least.

And it’s home to several endangered species.

Rhinos are the second-largest mammals on land – the largest being the elephant.

Including poaching and habitat loss – causing their numbers to dwindle at a rapid rate.

That they were near extinction at the beginning of the 20th century due to being hunted for their horns.

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But that wasn’t the case and the species managed to cling on.

Poaching is a huge business, with one rhino horn said to be worth around $257,872.

But that doesn’t stop poachers, who continue to sell them on the black market.

And this week, there’s been some amazing news…

She’s the second baby rhino born in the park this year. Keep scrolling to check out the adorable photos.

This is huge news.

The rhino calf, who hasn’t got a name yet, is expected to gain 100 lbs. per month throughout her first year of life –  growing to be between 3,500 and 5,500 lbs. once fully grown.

And she now joins a herd of 10 rhinos. According to People, the herd is rounded out by females Kit, Natalie, Abby, Olivia, and the new calf’s father, Stormy.

“We’re excited that the two juvenile rhinos now have two younger siblings to interact within the herd.”  

“It’s going to be wonderful for our guests to watch both the very young rhinos and the older generation interact on the grasslands,” explained North Carolina Zoo Director Pat Simmons. “These successful births are because of a lot of hard work and collaboration among our entire animal care staff.”

And both calf and her mom, Linda, are said to be doing well.

She’s so sweet. We can’t wait to find out what she’s called! This isn’t the only exciting arrival. Keep scrolling to check out some adorable meerkat pups and why their birth is history-making…