Nose Hair Extensions Are a Real Trend but We Really, Really Wish They Weren’t

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First, there were squiggle brows. Then there were squiggle lips. Next, braided eyebrows were discovered. It’s been a crazy couple of months for bizarre beauty trends, and the worst of them has just surfaced. A pair of fake eyelashes came to life, crawled out of the depths of hell, and stuck themselves in someone’s nose holes, thus creating: the nose hair extension trend.

Let’s take a walk through the makeup trends of this year to whet your appetite for the truly unappetizing trend.

Squiggle lips were introduced by a few fashion bloggers on Instagram and the trend quickly took off. We’re not sure why people wanted to make their lips so squiggly, or how they have the patience to perfect this trend.

Following closely on squiggle lips’ heels, squiggle brows surfaced in fashion Instagram circles and was often paired with squiggle lips, or a similar cartoonish lipstick style.

The Internet has absolutely no chill, and had to think of a way to upstage the squiggle brow trend, this time making brows look orderly and structured. We’re not sure if this look is real, but it is definitely head-turning.

This trend is definitely real, but it makes us feel funky inside. We’re not sure why… maybe because we’ve never seen eyebrow hairs pointed down towards eyes before? Maybe because we can see the skin right in the middle of the eyebrow hairs? It looks… moist. These might be the second cousin of the nose hair extensions we’ll show you later.

Okay, glitter brows are actually pretty cute and would look fabulous with a mermaid or alien Halloween costume. But sit down and buckle up, because nose hair extensions are on the opposite end of the beauty trend spectrum. Seriously, we implore you to take some deep breaths before you proceed. You ready?

We don’t know who is to blame… the nose hairs from hell, or the person who saw them and thought, I should put those in my nostrils.

After that, people couldn’t help but try them on themselves. The nose hair extensions are made by taking fake eyelashes and gluing them to the inside of your nostrils.

Here she is trying the trend so that you don’t have to. What do you think about nose hair extensions? Are they the best or worst fashion trend of the year?