Things From Your Childhood That Will Hit You With a Literal Wave of Nostalgia | 22 Words

There are so many things from our childhood - toys, TV shows, old technology - that bring on all of the nostalgia feels. Growing up, we had no idea that one day all of these things would be relics. But there's something so fun about taking a trip down memory lane and remembering all of the fun things from our childhood.

While most of us probably wouldn't want to go back to being our preteen selves, it's fun to remember all the weird stuff we were into. Like, what was it about Pogs that was so fun to play? Why were we obsessed with the phone game "snake"? And how many times did we watch that Gushers commercial where everyone's head turns into a Gusher and we thought it was the funniest thing ever?

Those were weird times, y'all.

Which is precisely why we want to revisit them. Here are bizarrely nostalgic items and pop culture references from our childhood that we definitely forgot about until this very moment.

Spongebob gummies

from nostalgia
These were the next best thing besides tasting an actual Krabby Patty. Who also ate way too many of these delicious treats?

Remember this?

from nostalgia
I was obsessed with the animated Beetlejuice. It was weird, funny, and everything anyone could want in a cartoon about a ghostly con-artist!


from nostalgia
Okay, I'm salivating right now. These animal cookies/crackers/treats were so delicious. I would still eat these now!

Who else played all of these?

from nostalgia
Long live the Magic School Bus! These games were so fun and I definitely played them until I was way too old.

Color explosion

from nostalgia
Lisa Frank stickers were a big mood. My middle school binder and folders were covered in these technicolor things.

Koosh ball

from nostalgia
I was obsessed with my Koosh ball! Of course, I just picked all the strings out which was probably not the best idea, but still. The next thing is super nostalgic...

Magic markers

from nostalgia
I truly thought these markers were actual magic. How did they change colors?! It was incredible! To be quite honest, it still is.

Pop-Up videos...

from nostalgia
VH1's "Pop-Up Video" was such an awesome way to learn about music videos and musical artists. This is making me so nostalgic, y'all.

CDs forever!

from nostalgia
I miss CDs. Spotify is great, but there's nothing like a beloved CD collection.

Bubble vibes

from nostalgia
Early 2000s meant everything was "bubble." I miss this style. What an aesthetic!

The best snack

from nostalgia
String Thing was the best snack ever! Who else ate so much of this? Do they still make this? Where can I buy a box? So. Many. Questions.

Best Disney movie

from nostalgia
Disney's Tower of Terror was such a good movie! Starring a young Kirsten Dunst and the king of the '90s, Steve Guttenberg, what more could you ask for?


from nostalgia
Who else either 1.) collected Homies or 2.) had an older brother who did? These are truly nostalgic!

Blue's Clues

from nostalgia
Why did mac and cheese that was shaped like Blue from Blue's Clues taste better than regular mac and cheese?

The best books

from nostalgia
"Choose Your Own Adventure" books were so awesome. Did anyone else read all of these?

Hot Wheels

Some of these tracks were out of control. They were monstrous!


This game was everything! I used to play this game for hours. This may be the most beloved relic of my childhood. I wonder if they still make these things?

Blast from the past

Social media is constantly changing, but who remembers back when the YouTube logo looked like this? Makes you feel old... Anyone else feeling super nostalgic?

The best straws

I would absolutely use these straws today. How do we bring these back? Let's make it happen, people! Who doesn't want a straw you can also eat?

The best Disney Channel Original Movie

Who else watched Motocrossed and wanted to chop off all of their hair and become a motocross rider?


There really isn't a more iconic duo. These treats were the best on a hot, summer day. Come to think of it, I could use one of these right now!

The best board game ever

This was a great board game...if you had all the pieces. Which I never did. On second thought, this was the most frustrating board game.

Love live Fruitopia

Who else gets Fruitopia cravings? They need to bring back Fruitopia vending machines. The next thing will truly make you miss the old days...

This phone though

from nostalgia
How did we survive with these phones? Kids these days wouldn't last ten minutes with this dinosaur.

We all did this...

from nostalgia
Reading the lyrics to every single song on the cassette jacket was everything. I remember doing this with my Hanson cassette and weeping because being a tween was emotional.

CD racks were so cool

The bigger the CD rack, the cooler you felt!

Old school emojis

Remember when emojis looked like this? We've come so far! Imagine a world without the taco emoji...I shudder to think of it!

These TV shows were the best

I am sobbing right now, y'all. These TV shows defined my childhood. They just don't make them like this anymore. If you know, you know.

Who else loved their Barbie digital camera?

from nostalgia
I thought I was so cool taking pictures with this thing. A true photographer and artist!

Who actually owned these toys?

from nostalgia
I remember seeing them in toy stores in the mall, but nobody ever bought them.

Soda caps

from nostalgia
Remember the days when soda caps held messages underneath? The sheer excitement that ran through you every time you opened up a new bottle!


from nostalgia
Let me leave you with this truly horrifying image from our childhood. The Honeycomb cereal mascot from the '90s. Oh, what a time it was to be alive.