Not Even Willy Wonka Would Eat This Chocolate Mess

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If you ask me, chocolate is one of the greatest things that humanity has ever created. There are so many great qualities. The satisfying *snap* as you break a piece off from the bar, or smooth, creamy flavor. The perfect way it melts in your mouth and somehow makes anything bad in your life seem slightly less bad. It’s magic, I tell you. There’s a reason chocolate-related goods are available not only for just about every holiday but also at every gas station and grocery store you might stumble across.

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things can happen to good chocolate. It’s not fair, but it’s the world we’re living in. In case your day was going too well, here are some pictures of what I would call, “crimes against chocolate.” These photos are pretty tragic, but also hilarious.

(And, if I’m being honest, I would still eat most of these.)

You might want to grab a piece of chocolate before you start reading.

Just to remind yourself that chocolate can be good. Because after you see these pictures, you may start to doubt that.

Poor guy.

It looks like someone punched this happy fellow right in his marshmallowy face. How could they?!


I hope you weren’t expecting to see any photos of chocolate bunnies that are perfectly intact because this list features multiple bunnies that are the complete opposite. Like this one, who looks super devious!

A horrible face swap.

There is nothing more horrifying than a face swap gone wrong. Except for a face swap gone wrong that also involves ruining a perfectly good chocolate.

Oh no!

Everyone knows that chocolate is the most important part of the Snickers bar. What is this nonsense? This picture will haunt me for the rest of the day.

Oh look, another bunny!

Well, there’s certainly a lot of ears to go around. I’m actually finding this chocolate bunny perfectly resistible. So much for the packaging pun.

Chocolate fountain + windy day:

On one hand, it’s awful to see that tablecloth ruined. On the other hand, I’m a little tempted to just stand downwind of the fountain with a big bowl?

More like a PAIN-guin.

If you know how to make a chocolate penguin, you have a duty to the rest of us not to use your powers for evil. This person failed that test.

Excuse me?

I never thought I’d see the day where a Lindor product didn’t tempt me. This is definitely pushing it, though.

RIP, bunny.

We will remember your sacrifice forever.

Chocolate for the rest of us.

I’m feeling a little called out by this photo. (Also a little hungry.)

Another fountain fail:

It looks good? Just kidding, it looks very, very bad.

This one’s even worse!

I never thought I’d see the day that chocolate fountains became something I didn’t want in my life. It’s a sad day, indeed.


Oh, bless her heart. Let’s hope her hair styling skills are better than her chocolate work.

I’m crying right now.

If I ever received this delivery, I would immediately send a strongly worded letter to whoever was at fault. Right before dumping the entire thing into a large bowl and grabbing a spoon.

Want a chocolate chip cookie?

In their defense, they’re called chocolate chip cookies. Not chocolate chips cookies.

Donut do this to me.

Well, I hope that bag is happy. It’s probably having the best day of its baggy life.

Who would do this?

And that’s how you learned that you were dating a sociopath. This is almost as bad as the people who take bites out of KitKat bars.

This is supposed to be Santa.

I think it’s safe to say he’s on the naughty list.

Brownie cheesecake, anyone?

Well, friends. We’ve done it. We have finally found a combination of brownies and cheesecake that no one on Earth would ever, ever eat.

This is how someone chose to slice the brownies.

I can only assume that this person was immediately cut out of everyone’s lives as completely as they cut the middle out of these brownies.

Sad cake.

A cake without frosting?! What a horror!

An attempt at homemade chocolate-covered bananas:

Oh no. This is bad. This is really bad.

Here’s another chocolate bunny!

This one was left in a shopping cart, sitting in the sun. Poor bunny, we hardly knew you.

Poor guy.

He knows what’s coming. I hope he takes solace in the fact that he is super delicious.

Would you eat this cake?

I am seriously so torn. It may be chocolate, but it looks like poop. Oh, who I am kidding? Of course, I would scoop this directly into my mouth.

Here’s one last bunny for you:

Thanks! I hate it. It will haunt my dreams forever.

Just like Santa.

This is obviously meant to represent the coal that Santa gives to the naughty kids. Right, guys?

What a mess.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in this accident. But I may never recover from my self-disappointment. I wish I was there with a straw when this happened.

This. Is. Amazing.

I know we’re supposed to be focusing on bad things that happen to chocolate, but all I can think about is how I’m going to order this exact thing later today. Share this with a chocolate fan!