Nurse Films Herself Being Escorted From Hospital for Refusing To Be Vaccinated

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A nurse has filmed herself being escorted out of a hospital after she refused to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

The unidentified nurse was removed from a hospital after she was placed on unpaid leave for refusing to have the vaccination.

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As per the Daily Mail, her refusal of the vaccine is due to “religious beliefs” and her reasoning has caused quite a stir online…

The video of the nurse, which has gone viral, was first posted to Rumble but later shared on Twitter, where it has since been deleted.

In the video, the unidentified nurse tells the camera that she is “being escorted out of Kaiser Permanente Hospital because of my religious beliefs because I don’t want to get the jab,” the Daily Mail reports.

“I asked all day for someone to explain to me why my sincerely held religious beliefs are not enough for Kaiser.”

Walking through the hospital with a security guard following her, the woman explains that the hospital could not answer her question so she is now being escorted out, along with 2 other nurses showing “solidarity.”

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“I want all of you to count the cost. I want to watch this and think ‘What really matters to me?’ Because I’m willing to risk my safety and security, my house – everything – for my freedom, and I want you to think about that.”

The nurse, security guard and 2 fellow nurses then enter a lift where the woman begins to question their thoughts on religious freedom.

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Directing her question at the security guard, the nurse asks if he believes in religious freedom to which he replies: “I do.”

She then goes on to explain that she has been “placed on unpaid leave” when all she wants “to do is work.”

“Since the beginning. I’ve been a COVID nurse since the beginning when we didn’t know what was going on,” she said. “When we didn’t know what kind of rooms we were walking into. But that’s why we are nurses, and I’ll keep doing that, just somewhere else.”

As the video begins to come to a close the nurse asks: “What kind of pandemic are we living in that my kids have to wear masks to school and they have to get a vaccine – something they’re not at risk of dying for.”

“What kind of world are we living in if they’re firing nurses who don’t want to violate their sincerely held religious belief? Right? It’s crazy.”

What do you think of her controversial move?