Nurse’s Powerful Before and After Pictures Show the Harsh Reality of Treating Coronavirus for Months

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This week, a truly heartbreaking story has come out of the pandemic after one exhausted nurse shared some harrowing photos after a long day treating COVID-19 patients on her ward.

The reality of this pandemic is damning…

Since December 2019, a deadly outbreak of the coronavirus – or COVID-19, as it is scientifically referred to as – has brought the world to a total standstill.

Ultimately forcing millions of people to quarantine at home.

And our once-bustling streets were left deserted.

The virus has spread across the globe like wildfire and there’s been a huge amount of deaths.

And one truly tragic story has come out from the pandemic this week.

She has been very vocal on social media, with her often tweeting about how “devastating” it is to see common sense surrounding the virus becoming so “politicized.”

By posting some truly harrowing “before and after” photos after a long day on her COVID ward, and people were shocked, to say the least.

This pandemic is very much real, and people working in health care are the ones feeling it the hardest. So please, take it seriously. For more, read on…