NYC Horse Collapses During Carriage Ride on Icy Road and Is Forced To Continue

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Shocking footage has gone viral today that shows an NYC horse collapsing during a carriage ride along an icy road…


All before being forced to continue working.

Keep scrolling to see the heartbreaking moment for yourself…

There have been countless incidents in the past of horses becoming physically exhausted from pulling carriages, especially when they are full of people.  

And, in many instances, they don’t get regular breaks for food and water.

NYCLASS (New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and Safe Streets) is an animal rights organization that fights for the ethical treatment and rights of all animals.  

Especially in crowded cities such as New York.

Horses are still subjected to the streets every day to carry out their unfortunate duties of pulling heavy carriages full of excited tourists over and over again.

Photos showing the moment a carriage horse collapsed along an icy path in New York have been circulating the internet this week.

Despite its fall just moments earlier.

“EMERGENCY! NYC carriage horse just collapsed on ice in Central Park with passengers inside and carriage driver spokesperson @CarriageCavalry put the passengers BACK in the carriage + CONTINUED the ride after the collapse! We have video.”

Which, now obtained by TMZ, appeared to show the horse back on its feet and pulling passengers along the icy pathway once more.

And for the thousands of other horses subjected to the same treatment in NYC and Manhattan. Carriage Cavalry is yet to comment on the incident. For more on the fight against animal cruelty, keep scrolling to see President Trump’s stance on the matter…