NYPD Looking For Suspect Who Viscously Beat Up an Asian Man on the Subway

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New York City police are looking for a suspect who was seen on video brutally beating an Asian man and putting him in a chokehold on the subway.

The footage has left viewers disgusted. Here’s the full story…

The NYPD are on the hunt for a suspect who beat an Asian man on a subway car, leaving him unconscious.

Footage of the incident began circulating on social media Sunday evening.

It soon caught the attention of the NYPD’s hate crimes unit and so they called on the public for any information.

Tweeting footage of the horrific incident, they wrote: “We need the public’s help. The NYPD is aware of this video and is investigating.”

“Anyone that has information regarding this incident is urged to call or DM @NYPDTips 1-800-577-TIPS and provide additional details including the date and time of occurrence. “

And the video has sparked quite a stir online.

Many have questioned why no one helped stop the attack…

While others questioned why it happened in the first place.

The footage begins showing the 2 men having already begun fighting.

They trade blows to each other while fellow passengers look on.

The victim is eventually knocked down by his attacker.

He is then held in a chokehold before appearing to lose consciousness.

Passengers can be heard calling for the attacker to stop.

Before the victim is left on the floor and the attacker exits the carriage.

It comes as the U.S is seeing a surge in violence targeting Asian Americans.

The condition of the man assaulted is currently unknown.

You can see the horrific video here.

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