When you think back to your childhood, there are certain things that remain locked in your memory and will be stuck there forever. Maybe it's the smell of your mother's perfume or the way the fur of your favorite teddy bear felt in your hand. It might be a beloved pet, a treasured vacation, or an especially memorable holiday season.

Whatever those special memories may be, we've also come to realize that there are a bunch of things you might not remember– those things that have drifted to the back of your mind and remained hidden there for all these years. Those are the things we're focusing on today. All it takes is a single image, and suddenly those objects will come into focus. I know, because it's exactly what happened to me when I was looking at them.

Get ready to have some memories jogged.

It's basically the ultimate Throwback Thursday.

Now, without further ado, let's see how many of these things you remember.

This log-in screen from the family computer:

And the amount of time you spent agonizing over choosing the perfect icon to represent you. (Not to mention having your very own desktop and screensaver.)

This pencil box:

Although, I'm sure yours was covered in a bunch of pencil marks. I'm guessing the lid was cracked, too.

These sand-filled animals:

I don't know why, but these things were definitely considered the "cool kid" toy when I was in school. I remember them being surprisingly heavy.

These sour mango Altoids:

Or as I prefer to think of them: Mango-flavored glass shards. These were absolutely brutal. My jaw is starting to hurt thinking about them.

This poster display case:

You flipped through every single poster whenever you encountered one of these. But did you ever buy a poster? No. You did not.

This computer:

Do you remember plugging in external speakers to hear your game? And the floppy disks! So many floppy disks.

These awesome books:

True story: In middle school, I decided I wanted to be a veterinarian. I also decided that I should probably get a head start on research, so I checked out all the Eyewitness Books on various animals and kept notes in a specific notebook. I did not become a vet.

These scented markers:

If you close your eyes, you can smell them. You can even hear the squeaky sounds they made when you colored with them.

These water ring games:

You were usually able to get every ring but one on the spikes. Then, with one slightly too powerful button push, the entire stack was pushed right off.

These McNugget toys:

And all of their amazing costumes! Imagine explaining to a kid today that you played with plastic chicken nuggets wearing Halloween costumes.

This fishing game:

I can still hear the clicking sound these fish made whenever their mouths opened and closed. I was also very bad at this game.

These bath oil beads:

They were probably kept in a basket your mom left in the guest bathroom which also contained decorative soaps and some straw. Everything in that basket was purely decorative.

This art-drying rack:

I think every elementary art teacher must automatically receive one of these things upon graduating from college.

This castle playset:

My little brother had this! And yes, he was spoiled.

This Talkboy:

Who could forget the classic "Hi kids, we're home early" commercial? Either you had one of these, or you desperately wished your parents would buy you one.

These VHS cases:

I can smell this picture. Am I supposed to be able to smell pictures?

These awful pencils:

Not only were the plastic wraps total garbage; the pencil lead was useless. No matter how hard you pressed, they would barely write a thing!

These jelly shoes:

Oh, the blisters you would get from wearing these.

These bouncy balls:

I am ashamed to admit that I know exactly what these things taste like. (I can't be the only one, right?)

These beaded animals:

I only ever mastered the lizard. And by "mastered" I mean "got to the part where you had to make the feet and then just stopped making it."

These boondoggle creations:

You might also have referred to it as "gimp." I don't think there was a single summer camp where these weren't made.

This Velcro wallet:

Why make it easy to quietly remove money from your wallet when you could instead be accompanied by a gigantic RIP sound.

These gummy hamburgers:

These were also a "cool kid" item at my school. Something about gummy hamburgers just screams luxury, apparently.

These Crazy Bones:

The next time you give kids a hard time for their fidget spinners or bottle flipping, remember how you used to geek out over tiny pieces of plastic.

This Velcro catch game:

Which worked for about five minutes before the ball stopped sticking to the paddle. It was fun while it lasted, though!

These plastic cups:

They were a staple at every single pizza place or arcade. Just looking at them brings the sound of pinball machines to my mind.

This color-changing flashlight:

I remember playing "Red Light, Green Light" with this thing! It only worked if the room was dark enough, though.

These clackers:

Whoever designed these clearly had something against parents. They were so loud! And I can't tell you how many times I "clacked" my thumb while playing with this.

Overhead projectors like these:

At my school, they had a spool of clear plastic that teachers could crank to get a new "screen" without having to erase old notes. We were pretty fancy. Share this with someone to jog their memory!