Off-Brand Items Made by Companies Who Probably Should Have Been Sued

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Listen, I love the Toy Story movies as much as the next ’90s kid, but I couldn’t help but be drawn to the Mr. Potato Heads and Slinky Dog toys more than Woody and Bo Peep. There was just something about those toys up in Andy’s room that made them feel… lame. Unspectacular. Off-brand. If Buzz Lightyear was the big flashy Christmas toy, Woody was the off-brand dollar store whatever that a well-meaning grandmother would get as a Christmas present, only to make her Nintendo Switch-craving grandson cry.

Is that harsh to Woody? Maybe a little! But the point is, Off-brand items bum me out. It just feels like someone made a product they don’t care about. If they were deeply invested in their work, why not come out with an innovative, original product?

But look, we’re all going to revel in our discomfort for off-brand together, with these images of shockingly depraved knock-off products. Your jaw will drop when you see how brazen some of these can be.

Mother knew I wanted a Roomba but didn’t want to waste that much money on one. So she found one for a bargain! Note, it has zero vacuuming ability.edgeofruin

These crappy ripoffs of Netflix, Twitch, and Spotify.Horrorkid908

I present you the pinnacle of Shanghai markets: a hot glue NY Yankees hat.Gradians

No one’s going to inspect your Supreme shirt.

Why spend $1000 on a supreme shirt when you can buy this?pumatruma

I think I’ll stick to Nutella.bryan6969

Paid $10 for it and didn’t realize til I put it on… at least it has my name on it.Mikerruu

Man, I love Ant Hero and Amazing Strange Rope.thatsfishy123

My favorite soap.thomastts

Do not eat his cooking.

Dude Ferrari.jamesisbest2

I choose you, Chikapu!Sunflake685

Why get the North Face when you can get the Huge Mountain.guricosan

Ah, Unusual Events, my favorite show.JakeLambertOfficial

Existential crisis games.Aeonzeldara

I’m Richard The Piccklllleeeeeee!GuardianDevi1

“I’m gonna getcha,” said Sharp Hand Joe.stupidiot00

Ketchup isn’t a brand name…IguruDragneel

I’m not joking. One of Trump’s proposed logos for “Space Force” is a lazy rip-off of NASA.BoogsterSU2

Looked closely at my Nintendo Switch case for the first time.cozmcrae

Found a hell of a deal on an Xbox.sireskimobro

Two for the price of one!llondru-es

The Battle of the Century!SenorRango

Meats by Dr. Dre.braingerous

There’s a nightmare in my boot.BigCballer

I kinda like the Thrasher Peppa shirt, not gonna lie.BedsheetCover

Nobody out-pizzas the hat.OaferLoaf

Star Vapes: Rise of LungCancerconsultingpolymath

Imagine asking for an iPhone X this Christmas and you receive this instead.GreebSetter

They don’t look bad

Oreos? Pfff, what’s that? I eat Black Out cookies. Waaaay better.Loogiteam

You’re A Knockoff, Mr. Grinch.TobyTheGemmyGuy

Don’t forget to get Haagen Da… wait a second…CAF00187