Some people in this world are just miserable, like this one person who decided to call the cops on a bunch of black children playing football outside on Juneteenth of all days. But the officers that arrived at the scene were having none of it.

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Juneteenth is not celebrated enough in our country...

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If people started understanding better, then events such as the one you're about to see might not happen so often.

Protests have been happening all around the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been taking to the streets in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

We are witnessing history in the making...

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And people are continuing to demand justice.

But what about what's already written in history books?

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In school, we were all taught about our country's rich history... but it turns out that we are all completely oblivious to some very important facts in regard to the black community and slavery.

We're all well aware of the history America has with slavery...

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And when children are taught about it in school, they're more than often told it ended with Abraham Lincoln’s signature on the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.

But this didn't mean slavery was over.

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As late as June 19, 1865, enslaved people in Texas were still held in bondage, and on that date, federal troops entered the state and began to punish slaveholders and former Confederates who refused to obey the law.

This date became known as "Juneteenth."

"Juneteenth is a deeply emotional moment for enslaved people," historian Karlos K. Hill, of the University of Oklahoma, said.

In Texas and across the country, emancipated African Americans began celebrating annually, with parades, concerts, and picnics.

"Being able to go wherever they want and being able to wander about; for enslaved people, it was an expression of their freedom," Hill explained. "Formerly enslaved people celebrating, in public, their newfound freedom, was an act of resistance."

However, by the time 1877 had come around, the federal government had largely abandoned the south.

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The lynching era — when hundreds of African Americans were brutally killed by white mobs each year across the North and the South — began soon after.

It is so important for people of our country to be aware of these brutal occurrences...

And it demonstrates highly were some of the disgusting attitudes towards black people come from.

Even though Juneteenth is not a national holiday...

It is still celebrated by many people across the country, and it is usually dubbed as "Independence Day for the black community."

Activists continue to campaign for the United States Congress to recognize Juneteenth as a national holiday...

And even though it is recognized as a state holiday across the majority of the country, it's importance needs to be acknowledged.

Hill is one of those who believes that Juneteenth should be celebrated on a wider level...

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He said that commemorating Juneteenth is important for all Americans because it helps us see all the ways that slavery still shapes this country, including, as he says, "the desire to master and dominate black bodies."

Juneteeth is all about the freedom of black people...

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But if the racism that they face on a daily basis is never dealt with properly and the people responsible aren't held accountable, how on earth are they considered to be free?

People like Karlos Hill are pressing for Juneteenth to be celebrated by everyone in America...

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This marks such an important time in the history of not only our country but also of the African American community - let's make it happen.

Then maybe events like this one would happen less if we were more educated on the issue.

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Someone called the police on a group of black children playing football in the street on Juneteenth.

But rather than questioning the boys, the police officers that arrived on the scene decided to join them.

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In the video, which you can see if you keep scrolling, the 3 police officers took part in a game of football with the kids, showing them the appropriate response to such a disgusting complaint.

One of the kids' mothers, Wendy Brown told TMZ that the cops told her this:

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"I don't know who would do it, but someone called police on the kids, they said they were playing in the street so we came by."

"We used to play out in the streets..."

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And it seems as if they channeled their inner kid and the passion for football took over as 2 of the police officers battled for the football.

Here's the full video:

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