Ohio Mom of Twins Claps Back at Daycare Facility for Asking Her to Breastfeed in a Closet | 22 Words

Being a mother is probably the toughest job in the world. Not even acknowledging the fact of carrying a human inside of you for nine months and then going through childbirth, that's just the beginning of a long maternal journey that has many ups and downs.

Moms are superheroes and can do a thousand things at once because they are queens of multitasking so when they get a chance to breastfeed, better believe they are going to take it. Breastfeeding may be seen as inconvenient for those who have never done it, but it's as simple as the fact that babies need food, and they get cranky, like the rest of us, when they are hungry.

One mom of twins was doing her superpower move of breastfeeding her babies at a daycare and was asked to take it somewhere else, like inside a closet-sized room. It did not go over well.

Don't we all love moms!

Every mom is different and beautiful in their own ways. But they are strong, caring and nurturing in ways only a mom can be.

They are always there when you need them.

One phone call away and they will be willing to help you out of any weird situation or help you make a dentist appointment.

They brought you into this world.

Their pure female power brought your life into this world, truly the miracle of life.

And they will never let you forget it.

They have every right to hold this over your head for your entire life, and you better believe they will.

We owe moms a lot.

It's the least we can do to make their lives easier, especially when they have newborn babies.

Don't even get me started on mom-shaming.

This is one of the worst trends to have ever come across the internet. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically when moms judge other moms for being bad parents or not doing things the way they think is correct. It's the worst thing ever.

It's never nice to shame a mom.

A lot of moms shame other moms or feel shame, because of mommy bloggers or pictures of moms being perfect parents and appearing as if they have it all together, which they actually don't.

A big source of mom shamers are people who aren't moms.

When people who don't have children chime in, their opinion feels almost entirely irrelevant because they do not have kids, so they just don't understand.

A lot of people have strong opinions about breastfeeding.

A big source of mom-shaming comes from the decision moms make to breastfeed in public. People have a thousand different opinions about it, but moms, at the end of the day, don't really care.

But it's really not that complicated.

All moms want is their baby to be happy, and if it means breastfeeding in public, then so be it.

Breastfeeding has incredible benefits.

For the baby, breastmilk is the perfect combination of all the vitamins, proteins and fats that they need to grow. It also has antibodies that help keep your baby from getting sick. We all know there's nothing worse than a sick baby.

It's also great for the mothers.

Besides the fact that it creates a beautiful bonding time between mother and child, it also has great health benefits entirely for the mom. Breastfeeding burns calories, helps you lose pregnancy weight and can also lower your risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Not every mother can breastfeed.

Some moms choose not to and others can't, for health reasons. But those who do, realize how special it is to bond with your child in this way and hopefully cheer on other moms, no matter their choice.

Meet your new favorite superhero.

Jennifer Mancuso, a mom of 7 who lives in Ohio, is a mommy blogger and big advocate for breastfeeding and reducing the negative stigma that surrounds feeding in public.

She does it all!

Jennifer is a blogger who focuses on the messy, everyday life of a mom in an authentic and encouraging way. She refers to her family life as "blissfully chaotic" and is proud of it.

Keep calm and nurse on.

She is no Instagram influencer – she is simply an awesome mom who has found a lot of strength in sharing her stories about breastfeeding. Much of her feed is pictures of her breastfeeding her adorable twins and bringing normalcy to her doing so in public places.

She's making waves in the breastfeeding world.

Jenn is clearly passionate about eradicating negative stigmas around breastfeeding and bringing about awareness and empathy to moms and their babies.

But not everyone is as accepting as Jenn.

Recently, Jenn shared a photo on Instagram that shared a story where she personally experienced some serious breastfeeding hate.

It happened in a place where she felt the most safe.

"It finally happened to me in real life," Jenn shared in a detailed Instagram caption. "And it happened at one of the places I feel most safe with my children: our daycare."

It was just a normal day.

Jenn was doing what she does best, being a caring mother, and began breastfeeding her hungry twins at their daycare, a place where taking care of kids is pretty much its sole purpose.

Jenn was soon approached by one of the workers.

"Hey Jenn, I'm going to need you to nurse in the back," Jenn recalls the employee saying to her. "The employee break room is where you can nurse from now on." This employee was messing with the wrong boobies because Jenn was having none of this.

It gets worse.

The employee claimed it was a new policy that the district manager was enforcing because "we have school-age children" hanging around the daycare. Which, duh, those are the only age of kids at daycare! But Jenn headed to the break room, which she describes as the size of a closet, and told the employee she didn't think what was happening was legal.

They blamed the employee handbook.

"She continued that not only is it in their company handbook but because they are 'private sector' that the Ohio Law of being able to breastfeed in public does not apply here," Jenn continued on in her detailed Instagram caption. "The manager of the location chimed in and stated that it’s also there to protect other parents who may find it offensive, because of their religious beliefs."

Jenn's clapback?

"I literally scoffed out loud and said, wow, this is going to be great Instagram content. I will be sharing this." Yes, Jenn. We are here for this response and it did make great Instagram content.

The people responded in support.

Jenn posted the photo, which now has over 2,600 likes and almost 500 comments, many of which were in support of Jenn's dismay and frustration. Other moms chimed in saying that this had happened to them as well, in many other public places.

They felt her pain.

"I'm sorry you went through that... this us very infuriating. When will people learn it's natural? What's the update on the situation? Thank you for sharing it!" One person commented on the photo, clearly feeling some second hand mom shaming from this terrible experience.

Everyone was pretty upset.

"Um pull your kids outta there and don’t give them your money! That’s oppressive," another person commented, which was a pretty common response to this post.

Unfortunately, this is a common experience for mothers.

This isn't the first time a mother has been shamed for breastfeeding in public, and it, unfortunately, won't be the last.

It even happens at the most magical place on earth.

One woman in California was breastfeeding her son in Disneyland and was ridiculed in public for doing so in front of others. But Disneyland rules and California law state that mothers are allowed to breastfeed anywhere they want, whenever they want. If Mickey Mouse doesn't have a problem with it, you shouldn't either.

So how do moms retaliate?

How did Jenn move on after this troublesome interaction with the daycare? I know your first thought was to pull the kids, find some other daycare facility and continue to shame this place until it runs out of business! But Jenn is much classier than us.

Let's live like Jenn.

Jenn did an exclusive interview with People Magazine where she shared about the after-shock of this story and how she continued on to make this into an inspiring teaching moment.

It began with an apology.

The director of the daycare facility personally talked with Jenn and had an entirely different perspective and a very thoughtful apology. "Her tone was completely apologetic. She explained how sorry she was about how her comments, as well as the regional managers confusion, made me feel," Jenn stated in a follow-up interview.

They all came together to make a positive change.

The director then spoke to the regional director to take this even further and create a more positive impact. "Together they decided to have a district-wide sensitivity training on state and national law which protects mothers rights to breastfeed their child anywhere and everywhere," Jenn shared.

Standing ovation for Jenn!

This is a happy ending! Real change after real adversity. It's all about communication, listening and caring about others. Jenn made this into a positive lesson that gained a lot of positive attention online.

Lesson learned.

Jenn still has her children enrolled at the same daycare, despite the overwhelming comments encouraging her to pull her kids out. "They are wonderful to my children and always have been sans that moment. My girls are adjusted well there and it’s a great place," Jenn told People.

We've got a lot of happy mommas on our hands!

Because of the breastfeeding incident at the daycare and the change that has been instilled since moms are now allowed to breastfeed anywhere in the facility.

Anywhere, anytime at all!

“I overheard a new mom ask where she can nurse and the staff said ANYWHERE YOU LIKE, ANYTIME YOU NEED. And they were happy to tell the mom that and the mom was super appreciative. That made me very happy, and my experience and the way I handled it worth every second," Jenn shared.

Jenn, you are a world changer.

Jenn still advocates for positivity towards breastfeeding and encourages moms to join in the conversation about it with no shame or judgment. "Take this opportunity to get out there and do things with your little one and leave the bottles and covers at home. Normalcy will only be achieved once it becomes desensitized," Jenn wrote in one of her Instagram captions.

Jenn is an open book and wants to keep encouraging others.

Her blog shares so much about her breastfeeding journey, and is a safe place for women to talk about the ups and downs of breastfeeding.

Thanks Jenn for being a positive mom in this world!

Jenn is killing the motherhood life. Go tell all the moms you know that they are doing a great job and you love them! Share this article with some moms you know to pass on the positivity and motherly love!