Oklahoma Cops Who Used Tasers More Than 50 Times on Unarmed Man Convicted of Murder

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Two ex-police officers from Oklahoma have been found guilty of murder after they tasered an unarmed man over fifty times, ultimately leading to his death.

On Friday, Brian Dingman and Joshua Taylor were found guilty of second-degree murder as well as assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The former officers-turned-criminals were called to handle a “disorderly” man back in July 2019. When they arrived at the scene, they found twenty-eight-year-old Jared Lakey naked in a ditch and proceeded to deploy their Tasers until the young man became unresponsive.

According to official court documents, Dingman “deployed his taser twenty-three times” on Lakey while Taylor “deployed his taser thirty times.”

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In total, during the 9-minute interaction, Lakey was tasered fifty-three times, which experts argued meant that his body experienced approximately 3 minutes of electric shocks.

Body camera footage taken at the time of the incident proved that Lakey was not a threat to the officers, nor was he acting dangerously.

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With this in mind, the court deemed the excessive use of the Tasers to have “greatly exceeded what would have been necessary or warranted by the attendant circumstances.”

Just 2 days after he was tasered, Lakey succumed to his injuries.

Medical experts examined the twenty-eight-year-old and found that his heart was already enlarged, but added that the dangerous levels of force used on him by the 2 officers contributed to his death.

The former Wilson police officers will be sentenced on December 2nd and risk facing between 10 years and life behind bars.

However, as per the New York Times, attorneys for both of the men will be appealing the decision, with Dingman’s lawyer saying: “It’s just a tragedy for everybody. In my opinion, they acted within policy.”

Let’s hope justice prevails in this case.