Older Brother Mortifies His Sister by Grilling the Ever-Loving Crap out of Her Poor Date

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If you grew up with a younger sibling, you know how much fun it is to embarrass your younger brother or sister. Or maybe you are the younger sibling, and you know the feeling of being embarrassed. Regardless, nothing you’ve felt is quite equal to what this girl experienced at the hand of her older brother when she was about to head out on a date.

Also known as “Shaq Jack,” which we can all agree is an awesome nickname. Other than the sweet nickname, though, he’s basically your average, fun-loving 20-something-year-old…except he might be a little bit extra protective of his sister.

And like most attractive women of a certain age, she gets asked out on many dates. That’s exactly what happened before the events of today’s story.

He recorded an absolutely hilarious video of himself “interrogating” Rochelle’s potential date, Owen. Poor Owen. Poor Rochelle. They just wanted to go on a date!

He asked whether Owen was planning on paying for the date, or if he was “going Dutch.” Rochelle insisted that she was an independent woman who could pay for herself, but Owen pointed out that, as he’d been working, he’d be happy to pay for the date. The interrogation only got more ridiculous from there.

The video had the Internet rolling. It already has over 25,000 retweets.

Even if the interrogation was done partially as a joke, you could tell he wanted to make sure Owen was a decent guy.

Meeting a date’s older brother is definitely a very weird and nerve-wracking situation to suddenly find yourself in. Owen seemed pretty unfazed, though.

Most teenagers probably wouldn’t have handled the situation as well as he did, but he managed to stay as cool as a cucumber throughout Shaq Jack’s interrogation.

Unfortunately for this woman, it looks like Owen is off the market. We hope she has an older brother like Shaq who’s willing to vet her next date!

Shaq certainly approved of the idea. It was then up to Rochelle to determine whether Owen was worthy…

He asked Owen a few questions about their first date. Then he asked if there might be another date in their future.

The answer was yes! Good thing, too. Especially now that he has the official Older Brother Seal of Approval.

Naturally, that had the Internet rolling. Obviously, people were glad to see that things worked out for all parties.

She may not ever live it down, but at least she and Owen share a unique bond. The whole Internet is rooting for them to work out.

But if we can all pull a page from Shaq Jack’s book, we might be a little better off. Future dates: be prepared! The interrogations are coming.