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Olivia Rodrigo Hands Out Plan B Pills To Fans During Concert

Olivia Rodrigo isn’t just hitting high notes on stage; she’s striking chords in the realms of activism and empowerment.


Her latest move? Distributing free boxes of Plan B and condoms at her concerts, igniting a wildfire of reactions across the web.


This isn’t some impromptu decision. Rodrigo unveiled her bold plan back in February, unveiling the Fund 4 Good initiative.


The heart of the initiative? Providing her female fans with crucial access to reproductive healthcare during her “GUTS” world tour.

And if you think she’s all talk, think again. A fan snapped a pic of the emergency contraceptive received at Rodrigo’s St. Louis tour stop.

 But that’s not all. Concert-goers also received vital information on funding abortion care in the U.S. and a hotline for pregnancy termination assistance.

Hold up! Let’s dive into the backstory of this trailblazing move.

Picture this: Missouri, post-Roe v. Wade’s overturn in 2022. The state slaps a near-total ban on abortions.

With reproductive rights under siege, Olivia Rodrigo emerges as a beacon of defiance, challenging the status quo.

Now, back to the buzz. While some throw shade at Rodrigo for her pro-choice stance, the applause from activist groups is deafening.

 But it’s not just about rhetoric. Rodrigo’s putting her money where her mouth is, donating a portion of ticket sales to the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Despite the online naysayers, the praise for Rodrigo’s initiative drowns out the noise, with supporters hailing her for her courage and commitment.