Andrew Hoy won silver and bronze for Australia in the equestrian competition, making him Australia's oldest Olympic medalist aged sixty-two.

Hoy finished second in the team competition alongside teammates Kevin McNab and Shane Rose.

Hoy then claimed bronze in the individual jumping competition with horse Vassily de Lassos, while Germany's Julia Krajewski grabbed gold, and Great Britain's Tom McEwen won silver.

This is an incredible achievement for the athlete...

Hoy now has 4 Olympic medals for the team competitions, having won gold back in 1992, 1996, and the 2000 Olympics.

The individual competition adds a bronze medal to the silver he collected at the Sydney Games in 2000.

Hoy was barely 1 point shy of first place as Krajewski grabbed the gold, while Shane Rose and Kevin McNab finished tenth and fourteenth in the individual final.

"My daughter sent me a message this morning saying, 'Daddy, you rode really good yesterday and I want you to bring home another medal,'" Hoy said via ABC News.

"So that's so special. So, Philippa, I've done it."

And people are amazed by his accomplishment...

One Facebook user wrote: "Well done to Andrew Hoy! Age is just a number if he is fit and passes the medical and application process why not? What an awesome achievement! I am sure his family and friends are celebrating."

While another commented: "Congratulations Andrew. your dedication and pure passion for your horses are simply inspirational. I remember watching you many years ago and wanted to be just like you. Definitely got another Olympics in your system left, especially when you perform so beautifully."

"Because horses are a great equalizer. It's the only Olympic sport where men and women compete directly. I love it. Congratulations and see you again in 4 years when you break that 62 record," a third wrote.

Hoy went on to speak about his horse, Vassily de Lassos.

"It is very, very special. We don't come to these championships, especially Olympic Games, to finish in fourth, fifth or sixth. We only come to get a medal and look, it's been a complete team effort. I've got a fantastic horse. I know I've been to [eight] Olympics, but I've done it with fantastic horses and Vassily de Lassos is one of the world's greatest horses," Hoy told The Guardian.

Hoy has said that he wants to continue his winning streak into the 2032 Games in Brisbane.

"I've got my eyes set on 2032 Brisbane. Big incentive to get there. We will wait and see. Vassily is going really well.

"While I'm healthy I will continue doing what I love doing."

What an incredible man! We can't wait to see what he can achieve at the next Olympic Games. But, for now, he can relax knowing he has accomplished something amazing.