Olympic Marathon Runner Who Knocked Over Water for Other Runners Explains Why he Did it

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Morhad Amdouni, a French Olympic runner, was heavily criticized after he knocked over an entire row of water bottles mid-race… but now, he’s come forward to defend his actions.

Shocking footage emerged of him tipping over a row of drinks during the marathon at the Olympic Games in Tokyo last week = resutling in his fellow athletes being unable to get themselves a much-needed bottle of water.

“Not cool,” someone wrote. “Should be banned from future competition,” another said.

“Should be disqualified,” one more said.

But as the public has been crying out at his lack of sportsmanship, the French Athlete has spoken out about what happened.

The runner took to his Facebook account, which translated to English, and said: “To guarantee freshness to the bottles, these are soaked in water.

“Which makes them slippery. However, it is clear that I am trying to get one from the beginning of the row but these barely slide we touch them. With fatigue and all that, I was gradually starting to lose lucidity and energy, while hanging on.

“I would like to apologize to the athletes. At one point, I was trying to be able to hold a bottle of water but I dropped some. It was not easy, trying to be able to hang on… In principle, I try to be able to share also during the race, the bottles of water, while respecting everyone and going high and proud, to be able to fight for our colors of the jersey.”

Many said his actions were dangerous before he came out and explained it was a mistake.

Temperatures reached twenty-seven degrees Celsius on the day of the race which might be why people were so furious about his mistake. And who else would you expect to chirp up other than the outspoken Piers Morgan?

“The Gold medal for biggest d***head of the Tokyo Olympics goes to French marathon runner Morhad Amdouni who deliberately knocks over all the water for his fellow competitors…Unbelievable!”

If it’s not Simone Biles, it’s got to be someone else right?

“The act of knocking over a whole row of water bottles in terrible conditions by Morhad Amdouni was the lowest thing I’ve seen at the Olympics!” someone noted.

But despite all of the hate, former Australian track star Tamsyn Manou wasn’t as quick to jump on the trail of judgment.

Admitting that it wasn’t the best thing to do, she said that it’s very difficult to grab the bottles as you’re running by: “I think it is pretty hard to grab those drinks. But it’s not helpful to the athletes behind him.”

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