Olympic Sprinter Allyson Felix Shares Adorable Video of Daughter Watching Her on TV

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Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix has shared an adorable video of her daughter cheering her on while watching the Tokyo Olympics…

The decorated track-and-field Olympian shared the heartwarming video on Wednesday of her little girl, Camryn, watching her mother run and it’s beyond precious.

“One step at a time. One round at a time. Know your why,” Felix wrote in the caption for the post with the video. “It’s really just one step at a time. Whether that’s a race or in real life. You just have to know your why.”

“My why is clear and unchanging. Swipe to see her watching mommy,” she added…

In the clip, the 2-year-old watches her mom on the track in a highlight reel of her events.

“Mommy tired!” she can be heard saying while sitting next to her dad, Kenneth Ferguson.

“Is she tired from running?” someone asks. “Yeah,” she replies.

People can’t get enough of the cute video…

With one Facebook user writing: “I absolutely adore her. She is one outstanding athlete and a great mom. I follow her achievement for all 5 Olympics. Smart, beautiful, determined, and like to challenge herself. Women with a caring and big heart. Wishing her all the best and congratulate on all success.”

While another commented: “Absolutely adorable! Now here’s a true role model! A memory her daughter will never forget.”

“She’s amazing! An absolutely outstanding role model for our young athletes.” A third wrote.

Over the course of 5 Olympic Games, the thirty-five-year-old has won a total of 9 medals, all the way back to 2004, but she says that being a mom is by far more rewarding.

“Six gold medals and three silver, yet my greatest accomplishment is you,” Felix wrote to her daughter this week.

While she was pregnant with Camryn back in 2018, Felix suffered from preeclampsia and had to have a cesarean section at thirty-two weeks

“I am extremely proud to be an elite athlete and to have this legacy on the track, but it doesn’t stop there,” Felix told TODAY Parents in 2020.

“I am more than a sprinter. More than an Olympian. I am a mom. If I can use my voice and platform to speak on the inequalities facing Black pregnant women and the Black maternal mortality rate, I absolutely will.”

Felix also takes great pride that she broke Usain Bolt’s record for most gold medals in 2019, at just 10 months postpartum.

“One of the best parts was hearing from other moms,” she told TODAY Parents last year. “To feel like I could represent them, that was the coolest thing.”

To top it all off, Felix finished first in the women’s 400-meter earlier this week and moved on to the semifinals on Wednesday, where she qualified for the final.

She really is an amazing role model.