A cameraman has come under fire after he panned away from a hockey match to film a cockroach during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The unusual choice of filming by the cameraman happened during the women's hockey match between Spain and Argentina last week.

Argentina were leading the match 1-0 with just over 5 minutes left to play in the fourth quarter when the Argentine sports channel, TyC, showed a close-up shot of a cockroach as a replay was taking place.

As the cameraman does so, the commentator can be heard saying "la cucaracha," the Spanish term for the roach.

The filming of the cockroach while the replay was taking place did not go unnoticed either as people soon took to social media with criticism.

"The Olympic cameraman focused on the cockroach instead of the athletes. Why?" asked one person on Twitter.

"Olympic athletes competing at a high level? Not interested. Cockroach waddling? Yes," added another.

But, while some slammed the filming of the cockroach opposed to the hockey game, others found it hilarious.

"The only gig he'll get in in future will be the insect games," someone wrote.

"I can't say I blame him, because I'd honestly do the same," another added.

And others also defended the cameraman as one person wrote: "The director could have easily not cut to that camera. Don't blame the camera operator, their job is to just find shots."

"Considering the director could of cut to ANY OTHER CAMERA and SEE WHAT THE CAMREA SEES and I dont know TALK TO THE OPERATIOR via their radio to setup shots shows the incompetentcy of the directing team (doubly so when they are blaming the camera operator who most likely didn't get any direction ) and the camera operators skill to find and film a roach on a bar in the court," another added.

Despite the unusual camera work, Argentina went on to win Spain 3-0.