Only One Person Showed Up To Pro-Trump Protest Outside Twitter HQ

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Things really aren’t looking good for President Donald Trump right now.

Even though the acts of many Trump supporters were extreme and violent last week…

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It seems that their flaming passion for their president has dwindled slightly in the last few days.

Because an organized pro-Trump protest held outside of the Twitter HQ didn’t exactly go to plan…

Though many people weren’t too surprised by the embarrassing turn-out.
Here’s the full story…

Now, this whole nightmare started last week following President Trump’s rally at the Ellipse, a park just south of the White House.

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On January 6th, during which a joint session of Congress convened to formally count the Electoral College votes and certify Joe Biden’s election win, lawmakers were forced to shelter in place and evacuate as pro-Trump rioters broke into the U.S Capitol Building.

And began breaking windows, doors, and furniture along with chanting “stop the steal!”

The rioters then took over several of the rooms and chambers in the building…

And shocking photos showing them looting objects and trashing rooms quickly started circulating online.

As rioters clashed with the few police officers in presence.

And the world watched on, transfixed, as more and more rioters continued to spill into the Capitol and clash with police.

Shortly afterward, it was confirmed that there had been 5 fatalities within the Capitol.

Chief Robert Contee III of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, confirmed the news during a press conference.

From the get-go, there were calls online for Trump to intervene…

And the president was repeatedly urged to appear on national television to order his supporters to stand down.

But instead, he issued a series of tweets…

Where he reminded the rioters that the police and law enforcement was “on our side,” and to “remain peaceful.”
Hours after his supporters had stormed the Capitol, however, Trump finally released a video telling them, “Go home, we love you, you’re very special.”

The president didn’t seem to see the problem…

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And, even though he profusely denied any involvement in the days following the carnage, there’s absolutely no doubt that his words to his supporters at the rally encouraged them to riot in the way they did.

Just for a little bit of context…

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Trump said to his hyped supporters just hours before the riots:
“After this, we’re gonna walk down [to Congress] and I’ll be there with you. We’re gonna walk down to the Capitol… We’re gonna fight like hell.”

Millions have been demanding for the president to be impeached and removed from office following his actions…

And it seems that even social media has finally had enough of Trump as platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and Pinterest suspended his accounts indefinitely due to “the risk of further incitement of violence.”

This historical ban has come as good news to many…

But of course, Trump’s supporters aren’t at all pleased about it.

Many have blasted Twitter and other platforms for not allowing the president his right to free speech…

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And it didn’t take long for a pro-Trump protest to be organized outside of the Twitter HQ in San Francisco.

The protest was penciled in for Monday, January 11th…

But people from all around the world have been left feeling very amused when they saw the total turnout!

Yep, that’s right. Not a single Trump supporter turned up for the protest…

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And the only person who turned up was proudly wearing a hoodie reading, “Trump Lies Matter” and holding a banner saying, “Impeach! Remove! Today!”

It’s important to note that employees of Twitter have been working from home for months now…

So even if the protest did go ahead, there wouldn’t have been any Twitter staff there to witness it.

Despite this, there was a heavy police presence outside the building as a means of protection against potential acts of mob violence…

Which is now sadly expected from far-right Trump supporters.

Things really aren’t looking good for President Trump at the moment!

And who knows how he’s going to behave when he will officially be out of office next week following Joe Biden’s inauguration!
This is a developing story, so make sure to stay posted for updates.