Reputation is important for restaurants, so you can imagine the effect that a bad review can have. Well, when one restaurant believed that someone had left a bad review unnecessarily, they had the best response!

Online reviews are very important to businesses.

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Particularly small businesses.

A good review is what helps to draw in new customers.

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And keeps other customers returning.

But a bad review?

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Well, that's not good for business at all, especially in a world wherein everyone is a critic.

In fact, for some businesses, it can have a big effect.

It could put off new customers, tourists, or locals who keep the company going.

And, sometimes, the worst thing...

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Is that bad reviews aren't always justified.

You get vindictive people who aren't interested in the truth, but their own, weird agendas.

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That's unfair. Not only does it hurt feelings (it really does), but it can hurt, or even shut down, businesses.

Most people realize this, and maintain objectivity in their reviews, knowing livelihoods hang in the balance.

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But what happens when someone crosses the line?

Well, one cafe knows just how this feels.

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And boy, did they respond.

The Bankhouse Bar & Diner hit back in a big way.

The restaurant is in Stafford, UK.

They received a 1-star review on their breakfast sandwich.

The reason? It didn't come with a side of baked beans ...

There was just one problem. 

Baked beans weren't even listed on the menu ..

Not only is this obviously an unfair review.

But we all know small businesses are already having a hard time at the moment following the COVID pandemic.

Plus, this particular restaurant has had even more misfortunes this year.

Including thieves stealing their parasols, plus a number of dine and dash incidents.

Here's the review that started it all.

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Seems a little petty, right?

But sadly, it seems many agree with the review - and have even taken umbrage to the owner's attitude, too.

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The owner first hit back with this...

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And then things got even worse.

The owner continued her rant.

Google Reviews

Going absolutely wild. Uh oh...

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