Amongst the bad, there has been some good news we've been waiting for months to hear - it has been confirmed that over 300,000 people have recovered from the deadly virus sweeping the globe.

But one story in particular has got everyone feeling inspired ...

As you will all be well aware by now, the world is currently under siege by a devastating and deadly virus.

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Since December 2019, global headlines have been adorned by continuously terrifying news about the spread of the notorious virus.

And, at first glance, the statistics are terrifying.

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So far, over a million people have been infected with the virus, and a further 90,087 have sadly passed away as a result.

It's been a truly dire couple of months.

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In a bid to combat the spread of the virus, various world leaders have imposed lockdowns upon their countries.

Millions are now quarantined to their homes...

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With strict social-distancing rules preventing them from having any physical contact with friends and loved ones.

It's an undeniably difficult time...

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And the only thing getting many people through these dark times is the idea that, by remaining self-isolated, they are helping to slowly rid the world of the devastating pandemic.

And now, they may just be getting the news they've been hoping for.

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News has come in today that is a truly remarkable milestone in the ongoing fight against this virus.

Because, after months and months of bad news...

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I think it's about time we had a little bit of good news, don't you?

Well, here we go...Over 300,000 people have recovered from the virus.

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According to Worldometers, approximately 342,273 people have made full recoveries, which is around twenty-three-percent.

This is incredible.

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And, even more incredibly, the true figure is likely to be much higher because some countries are only testing coronavirus patients who require hospital treatment.

It is a huge step in the right direction.

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Because, the more recoveries we have, the quicker we can return to normal life.

And, since the news broke, many heartwarming recovery stories have been emerging...

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That show patients and medical workers alike celebrating their own medical victories. Keep scrolling to see some of the best ones...

One recovery patient was discharged to a round of applause...

Despite missing his own dad's funeral, he still found the power to fight the devastating virus.

Here is the incredible moment medical workers at Wuhan's last coronavirus hospital finally removed their masks.

What an amazing feeling.

Firefighters surprised their colleague who had recently recovered from the virus.

A firefighter had the best surprise when he was finally able to be discharged from the hospital - His full squad were stood outside waiting.

Footage from Egypt shows how the celebrations have been happening all over the world.

Egyptian medics were filmed surprising and embracing a Swedish patient who had just been given the all-clear.

A ninety-three-year-old patient defied all odds by beating the virus.

He was seen slowly leaving the hospital, and shaking the hands of each medical worker who had fought hard to save his life.

This new mom was diagnosed with the virus shortly after giving birth...

And, thankfully, she has now been given the all-clear, and can now return home to her child.

This patient was given the best send off.

Staff at a hospital in Georgia gathered to applaud one of their young patients, who had recently recovered from the virus.

These Baltimore medics even choreographed a dance routine with their patient...

Now this is a happy dance.

And, last but not least...

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Baby Leah Peters (seen at the bottom of this picture) who defied the odds by beating the virus in spite of her dangerous preexisting conditions. "She is a little fighter and has surprised us all. She was sent home the day after we received the test results and is doing really well at the moment," mom Agata said. In spite of the survivors, though, there are still many in quarantine. Scroll on for the elderly woman with a slightly oddball request for passers-by ...