Listen, there is so much content online about what it is like to deal with newborn babies. You can search "toddler" on Twitter and find droves of parents who can't wait to divulge all the trials and tribulations of parenting small children. Everyone knows that teens are basically the worst and parenting them is a nightmare. And yet, there is not much commiseration about what it is like to have a preteen.

Is that because they are easier to deal with? Heck no! Preteens have their own quirks and issues and it is just as hard to parent a kid when they are 11 years old as it is when they are three or 17. I will say that preteens, or "tweens," as some call them, are absolutely hilarious. They are smart enough to have some knowledge of the world but not smart enough to filter their thoughts all. So when they're not complaining about their lives and being violently struck with hormones, they are absolutely hysterical.

Youth sports

Oh, just wait until your kid can run and perform complex motor skills but can't drive yet. You'll be driving them all over the world.

Reverse psychology

This is so true. If your mom likes something when you're a preteen, that must mean that it's actually vile.


If I am being completely honest, I 100 percent relate to and agree with this 11-year-old. They get me.


I remember my sixth-grade social studies teacher, an old man, lectured us about how we have to start wearing deodorant because we all smelled and he didn't want to smell us. Made us feel great.

So many questions

You have to give credit where credit's due. These are things I have literally never thought about in my entire life.

Hope is alive

This is so funny. It's like they think that one day their parents will just be like, "You did it! You asked me 300 times! Congratulations, you get a cell phone!"

Manual toothbrush

Gosh, I'm the opposite. Sometimes I don't want to commit to the whole two-minute timed ordeal of the electric brush so I pull out my travel brush. Sorry, not sorry.

Cool hip parent

$58 for sweatpants is far too much to pay to be seen as cool and hip by your child. Take the loss and move on.

Shopping with a preteen

Oh, I can confirm that I was an absolute nightmare to take shopping between the ages of like, 5 and 25. Shopping with kids is the worst.

Parental superpowers

I can still see the glee in my parents' eyes every time they had the opportunity to embarrass me and my siblings, and I can't wait to do that to my own children someday.

Living proof

Oh, I look back at 12-year-old me and definitely understand what this person is talking about. I was a good person, but I was insufferable to be around.


How many times did I march to the end of the driveway in a huff and then realize I had nowhere to go? So so many. And we had a long driveway.

"Did you?"

As a kid, you know that "Did you brush your teeth/take the dog out/clean your room/etc.?" is just a precursor to a fight because you definitely did not do it.


At least they're all positive affirmations! It's so much better than hearing "No!" all the time.

Not a democracy

Oh, every single parent says this when they have preteens. In fact, they probably shout it in their sleep.

Daily workout

Kids simply cannot remember to perform this basic function to save energy and like, the planet that they live on.


As if the answer will be, "Oh my gosh, no, hun! Take a shower whenever you feel like it! We're just leaving in five minutes."

Time for bed

I don't know about you, but when I was 12 years old, I made it my mission to see how late I could stay up every night. It made me really pleasant during the day.

"Old-timey movie"

I was first shown The Goonies at day camp on a rainy inside day when they put us on buses and took us to the local community college. I was probably seven or eight and it scared the pants off of me.

Stale Wheat Thins

That! Is! What! You! Get! Learn to close boxes or eat stale crackers is a real fast life lesson.

Pumpkin pie

This is the time when kids really start asking the tough questions and getting the tough answers that rock their world.

Dad's money

Oh, when you're 11 you get automatic admission to a bank called your parents' wallets, and it's great! I wish that was a thing as an adult!

Changing body

When you are going through puberty, it's like the adults in your life can't fathom talking about anything else, and it's literally the worst.

Evil genius

This is the age when kids get evil and wily. They know how to push your buttons and they do it too well and too often.

Dumb guys

I mean, she's not wrong. Sometimes preteens have the wisdom of people much older than them.

Not telling

Tweens are vicious! They'll make fun of you for sounding old but then won't tell you how to not sound old!


Look, "the talk" is bound to be a traumatic experience for any kid. Best to rip the Bandaid off so they don't feel like they have to hide anything from you.

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

I wonder if my parents tried this. It must not have worked because now we all sing it at the top of our lungs anytime it's on the radio.

Not like that

Hey, the kid knows who he is. Can't argue with that. Physical activity is important, though. Maybe take the iPad for a walk around the house.

Preteen girl suffering

A preteen girl suffering is unlike any other suffering in the world. I know. I was there. Share this with someone who's parenting a preteen right now!