Only Woman on US Death Row Now Faces Execution | 22 Words

The only woman on death row in the USA is set to be executed.

Lisa Montgomery will be the first woman in almost 70 years to face the death penalty by federal court in the USA.

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Lisa Montgomery is set to be executed.

She’s the only woman on death row in the USA.

And if the execution goes ahead next week.

She will be the first woman in almost 70 years to face the death penalty via federal court in the United States.

And who was the last woman executed in the US by federal court.

Well that was Bobbie Heady, who was executed in a gas chamber back in 1953.

Bonnie was executed for kidnap and murder.

Or more specifically for kidnapping and shooting dead six-year-old Bobby Greenlease.

She then collected a ransom of $600,000.

Which in today’s money is around $5.7 million.

Other women have been executed in the states.

However these have all been state executions and have not gone through the federal courts like Heady and Montgomery.

Montgomery is set to be executed.

More specifically on January 12 if things go as planned.

She was initially supposed to be executed last month.

However her lawyers were able to postpone the execution.

But why exactly is she being executed?

It’s because of the 2004 murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett.

Bobbie Jo Stinnett was just 23.

She was also heavily pregnant at the time of her murder.

Montgomery strangled Stinnett from behind.

Then she used a knife to remove the baby from her stomach.

The baby survived.

And Montgomery took the child and attempted to pass it off as her own.

The baby was safely recovered by authorities.

And was returned to the father.

Montgomery’s lawyers want the case to be reviewed.

More specifically, one of Montgomery's lawyers, Meaghan VerGow, has said her team will ask for the full appeals court to review the case.

Her legal team have put forward a big argument.

Claiming that Montgomery suffers from serious mental illness following years of mental abuse.

If the execution goes ahead.

It will take place just one week before Joe Biden officially swears into office.

Biden is against the death penalty.

Biden and his team have also said they would work to abolish the death penalty.

Donald Trump however.

Well he brought back federal executions after a 17 year break.

And so far there have been ten executions.

Including two in December alone.

Do you think she should face the death penalty?

Or do you think she should be spared and face life imprisonment instead?