People Are Having a Really Hard Time Finding the Horse Hiding in This Picture of a Frog

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We all love an optical illusion. But one, recently shared on Facebook by an optician, has many on the platform genuinely questioning their eyesight. Can you see the horse in this image of a frog?

Here’s the picture that started it all.

An unassuming image of a frog has sent the internet spiralling.
But honestly, who doesn’t love an optical illusion?

They’re more than just good fun.

They’re actually neurologically imporant, too.
“They’re important tools in visual research to help us understand how visual processing works in the normal brain and also in the diseased brain,” Susana Martinez-Conde, director of the laboratory of visual neuroscience at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona tells ABC news.

So, not only is this image a fun puzzle but completing it gives your brain a nice little workout!

Pretty cool, huh?
Ok, back to the frog.

So, once you’re looking at the image, you may begin to notice it is a little strange.

Try not to get frustrated and immediately give up. There’s one clever trick to seeing the horse in the image.
Ready for the revelation?

​Simply tilt your head ninety degrees to the left.

And you’ll see the horse head appear instantly!
But what makes this illusion even more frustrating? The fact that once you do see the horse, you simply cannot unsee it. Bye-bye, frog!