Have you ever spent way too long staring at a picture, trying to figure out what exactly you were seeing?

If you're an optical illusion junkie, then this is probably you're favorite past time. Not only are optical illusions and weird perspectives super fun to try and figure out, but it's a great way to pass the time when you're bored and want to spend a heinous amount of time on the internet.

In this list, we will journey through the craziest optical illusions that will truly send your mind spiraling. They will blur the line between what is real and what isn't. Also, the great thing about optical illusions is that sometimes they're different for everyone. After reading through this list, send it to a friend and see if they pick up the same illusions as you do!

Prepare to be amazed!


This slanting sidewalk isn't what it seems...

In fact, it's not a sidewalk at all! Can you imagine a pedestrian trying to walk on the slanted pavement like that?

This work of art is very interesting.

The use of warped perspective is particularly gorgeous. You simply can't glance at this painting, you must stare at it until your eyeballs dry out.

Is it a man's face or a scene on the water with gulls?

Honestly, though, the face (if you can see it) totally has the ultimate #browgoals. Look at that thickness!

When you have a baby and also have baby arms.

I can't stop staring at this picture. Where are the woman's arms? Where does the baby arm begin and the adult arm end?

Can you read this word?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just "Mmmmmmmm". Can you see what it spells?

Is this wine glass warped, or sitting at a strange angle?

It looks like the table is eating the glass. Tables need to have happy hour, too!

Are there two dogs or is that a one-headed creature?

It looks like a creature from a Harry Potter book. Those heads are perfectly lined up.

Believe it or not, this is actually just one picture.

I know, it's mind-blowing. Can you figure out how this is just one picture and not a collage? It's a true work of a art and might give you a headache as you try to figure it out.

This one is super hard to decipher.

It looks like it might be a piece of furniture. There's a tiny AC unit that helps see the picture clearer.

Does this girl have the longest legs ever?

Or is she simply wearing sweatpants with a vertical stripe? This picture is super trippy.

Staring at this field is intense.

It looks like a room with a ceiling, but it's actually a field. Rice fields are wild.

Is this girl floating into the ocean?

For real though, how did she find jeans that perfectly matched the sea? WHERE DID SHE GO TO GET THOSE JEANS?

DISCLAIMER: Do not look at this picture of you're easily nauseated.

The height alone is dizzying, but the way the freeway looks bent is mind-boggling. It looks like something out of Inception or The Matrix. 

This squirrel is trying to drive that car.

Somebody, alert the authorities! Quickly! That squirrel is about to hot-wire that car.

Friends help other friends pick wedgies.

You know you're best friends when you lend a helping hand. Can you spot who that arm belongs to?

How many legs can one girl have?

But where is the other person sitting? That's the real mystery of this picture.

This is not an apartment building.

It's actually a bathroom. Are you freaking out yet?

Is that a tiny runner?

Can you imagine driving and seeing someone running on top of the highway median? That's not at all what is happening here, but still. It's fun to think about.

Look at those legs!

This picture is a classic optical illusion. Whose legs are whose?!

That is one long arm.

Is he stealing something out of that girl's pocket? It's hard to say. He could be a superhero with that long arm.

This sculpture looks exactly like a cartoon.

How cool is this? I wish every building looked like it was animated.

Blink really, really fast.

Can you see the pattern change? Pretty insane, right?

Watch the swirling for 30 seconds, then click over to look at the painting.

This is totally how Van Gogh wanted you to look at "Starry Night." It's coming alive!

Is the floor crushing in on itself?

Or is it merely the wacky pattern?

Do you see an old lady or a young woman?

This is one of the most popular optical illusions, but it's also one of my favorites. I always see the old lady at first glance.

Is that guitar cutting through the table?

It certainly looks like it, but alas, it's just a trick of the eye.

The GIF gets faster as you look away!

Run, little cartoon, run! This GIF is one I could truly watch for days.

Uh, what?

Mirror tricks are always the best. This is a pretty popular optical illusion pic, but it's one of the best ones.

This goose is GIANT.

Is this a goose crushing the trees of a forest, or is that just grass? Hmmm...

That is a group hug for the books.

How many people are there in relation to how many arms? Share this with a friend who loves optical illusions as much as you do.