Tattooed Dad Turns Himself Into Orc From ‘Lord of the Rings’

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A man who spent years transforming himself into an orc from Lord of the Rings has left people in total shock.

Just wait until you see the before and after photos…

For many, tattoos and piercings are a form of expression.

People enjoy showing who they are through body art and modifications… because who cares what others think?

They can become seriously addictive.

More than often, 1 tattoo or one piercing just isn’t enough…

And many find that the fewer modifications they have, the more boring and generic they look overall.

But many people simply can’t get enough of altering their appearances.

This can lead people to go to the ultimate extremes…

And one of these people is Rico Ledesma.

As you can see, Rico isn’t all that ordinary when it comes to his appearance…

However, the forty-one-year-old, who transformed himself into a “real-life orc” from The Lord of the Rings, is on his way to the big screen.

The father-of-one has spent years adding to his vast collection of body modifications…

And has now landed himself a role in an upcoming movie.

Rico lives in Brazil with his twenty-five-year-old wife, Krishna Insomnia, and their daughter.

He shares updates surrounding his unusual life on Instagram to his 34,600 followers.

Rico and Krishna, who goes by the name “Bat,” met each other online…

And will be welcoming their second child into the world very soon.

One of Rico’s latest additions are his tusks, which cost $550, along with 8 subdermal piercings.

Not to mention he’s also had his tongue split and his eyeballs tattooed.

Rico explained:

“I started to change seven years ago in order to look different but the project to look like an Orc is less than a year old.
“I got 6 false teeth placed in August 2020 and I’m going to put 2 bigger ones in, even though I’m having trouble eating and drinking.
“The new Orc modification project consisted of the implantation of 2 more tusks (2 large teeth), body paintings which are almost all in black with some grey spots and some burns and modifications.”

“Today I have eighty-five percent of my body tattooed.

“The teeth were the final touch to the Orc project and came after a lot of study and sleepless nights.”

It wasn’t long before film producer Michel Reilhac, who is best known for his work on Snow White and The Intruder, got in touch with Rico.

Giving him a role in his latest project.

Rico said: “We will start filming in October in Barcelona and the Canary Islands.”

“I can’t say much about the film but I can say that it will be innovative and playful – something that has never been seen before in cinema.
“Me and the whole team are very anxious for the cinema debut.”

But despite his incredible career prospects, people haven’t been too impressed by his modifications…

As for his new baby, Rico hopes they will love him just as much as his daughter does…

He added: “She loves and supports me in all my transformations.
“If one day in the very distant future she wants to make some changes to her appearance too, I will be proud of her.”

But that isn’t all. People have been left shocked after seeing what he looked like before…

Check out the before and after below.

It’s safe to say he’s completely unrecognizable.

But as long as Rico and his family are happy, that is all that matters!

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