Oreo Celebrates Pride Month With 5 New LGBTQ+ Cookies

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Oreo has joined the parade of brands celebrating Pride by releasing 5 new cookie collections sporting different flag colors.

In another collaboration with LGBTQ+ charity PFLAG, the famous cookie company has also released their new campaign under the hashtag #ProudWords.

Oreo tweeted a picture of a box of the famous cookies with rainbow-colored creme and the label OREOiD (which allows customers to select the color and cookie type of their Oreos) for PFLAG with the caption “Coming soon…”
The tweet was then retweeted by PFLAG, the largest organization in the U.S for LGBTQ+ people, their parents, and families.

According to Oreo’s website, they will soon be giving away 3,000 limited-edition OREOiD for PFLAG boxes with 5 custom Pride flag options.

Options include the Pride Flag, Trans Flag, Lesbian Flag, Pansexual Flag, and Bisexual Flag color patterns for their Oreos. However, the cookie company is yet to announce how or when they will be giving the cookies out. Another post said the cookies were part of their #ProudWords campaign where they urge people to tell them, “If a loved one came out to you today what words would you say to them to show your support?”
This isn’t the first time Oreo have made rainbow cookies in collaboration with PFLAG.

Last year, as part of their #ProudParent campaign, Oreo released a limited number of packages of cookies during LGBTQ+ History Month.

During that time, you could win one of the 10,000 packs of rainbow cookies created by posting, “what allyship means to you” on your Instagram or Twitter accounts. The campaign accompanied this with a 3-minute short film entitled Proud Parent, where a young woman introduces her parents to her partner for the first time.
The video features a young woman and her partner worried about the father’s reaction as he seems to be the strong and silent type. However, when they arrive, he has surprised them by painting the formerly white picket fence the colors of the rainbow flag.

It is yet to be known whether this year’s cookies will be involved in a similar style giveaway or will be available in stores.

Oreo is one of the many brands that have joined in the celebrations of Pride this year. Some organizations are contributing a portion of proceeds from Pride products to groups like GLAAD and HRC, while others are making direct donations so LGBTQ organizations can continue their vital missions.
On June 1st, LEGO launched its first LGBTQ+ themed set, which comes with 11 monochromatic figures, each with an assigned color, and 346 pieces creating a rainbow cascade. For the second Pride season running, Skittles removed all their colors, selling limited edition white packets, with matching candy inside (don’t worry, they’re still bursting with flavor).

Even Disney got involved this year, presenting the Rainbow Disney 2021 collection includes t-shirts, polos, mugs, backpacks, hats, face masks, and more.

​The Walt Disney Company is donating to LGBTQ organizations around the world, including AREAS in Spain, Famiglie Arcobaleno in Italy, Nijiiro Diversity in Japan, and, here in the U.S., GLSEN, which works to ensure all students learn and thrive in a safe and supportive environment.

The Pride Flag dates back to 1978 when it was designed by artist Gilbert Baker. The original design featured the six colors but there have been many revisions since.

The colors are normally displayed horizontally, with the red at the top, with each color representing a specific meaning.
Red (Life)
Orange (Healing)
Yellow (Sunlight)
Green (Nature)
Indigo (Serenity)
Violet (Spirit)
The flag continues to be a symbol of identity and solidarity, with many hanging them outside their homes or having the colors on them during the Pride season.