Original 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' Movie Voted Better Than the Remake | 22 Words

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is one of the most beloved childhood classics, but, when the Tim Burton helmed remake came in 2005, it begged the question: which Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adaption is better?

Well, it seems we finally have the answer...


For most of us, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a staple childhood classic.

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The story of greed, gluttony, and a giant chocolate factory... What's not to love?

The tale of Willy Wonka was originally brought to life in the form of a children's book.

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Critically acclaimed children's author, Roald Dahl, who also brought us classics such as Matilda and The Witches, first wrote the story of Charlie Bucket and his quest to visit Willy Wonka's infamous chocolate factory back in 1964.

The story of Willy Wonka's hunt for a grateful child to take over the chocolate factory quickly became one of Dahl's best-selling books...

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So, a movie adaptation was made in 1971, 7 years on from its initial publication.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was the first attempt at bringing the children's book to life...

And we saw as Hollywood legend, Gene Wilder, portrayed the role of the charismatic and slightly eccentric Willy Wonka.

And, needless to say...

Wilder completely killed it. 

The 1971 adaptation brought us many great moments...

And therefore set the bar pretty high for any future adaption and remake attempts.

In the decades following on from its release, filmmakers far and wide left the tale of Willy Wonka firmly alone.

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Because who can follow on from such a masterpiece?

But Tim Burton clearly felt up to the challenge.

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And the darker, more gothic adaptation, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released in 2005.

Johnny Depp filled Gene Wilder's rather large boots for the leading role of Willy Wonka...

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And, despite the edgy remake being a far cry from the 1971 version, he did a pretty good job at it.

Not to mention...

A TV series is said to be in the works from Taika Waititi, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker and brains behind the controversial Jojo Rabbit. You can get all the details on the upcoming project at the end...

For many, though, the movies will remain a staple.

No matter how many times you watch, they never seem to get old.

But, there's always been debate about which movie did the book more justice.

And opinions seem to always been divided on the matter.

For some, you can't beat the original.

For others, a more gothic take gave the story a unique edge.

But, it seems the score has finally been settled...

After both the movies were added to Netflix's growing movie catalog, Ladbible decided to put out a poll to pit both adaptations against each other.

And it seems many had no doubt in their mind about which should come out on top.

...the original, of course!

It was a landslide win too...

With the original flick gaining a whopping seventy-two percent of the votes.

And opinions on the matter came in very strong.

For most viewers, there really was no contest.

Some weren't keen on Tim Burton's take on the story.

And felt the gothic undertone was just too creepy for them.

Others had a more balanced view...

And despite liking Burton's 2005 remake, the original still came out on top.

So, there you have it.

Do you agree with the poll? Which movie do you think is better? While you mull that one over, scroll on for all the details about the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory series...