Out of Control Public Meltdowns That Shocked Us All

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Many of us do our best to go about our days calmly. When there is a pressing issue, we try to manage them in ways that will cause the least stress. And this is especially true while we’re in public.  Then there are the people who cannot control their emotions who have epic public meltdowns that leave those around them speechless. And thanks to smartphones, we can all be an audience.

Enter this Reddit thread dedicated to revealing shocking public meltdowns. If you’ve ever wondered where all of the videos of public meltdowns that you’ve seen in the past go, this is it. An entire collection of wild, and some hilarious, foolishness. All we can do is watch from afar, or from our mobile devices because these meltdowns are so outlandish they will shock you to your core.

This lady was so brave to talk to a police officer the way she did.

They really should be standing 6 feet away from each other but brushing off germs might work, or not.

Not only is this shocking it’s dangerous.

Another brave effort in front of the police.

Love the wholesome ending. Keep scrolling for more shocking public meltdowns.

Nothing makes a man more angry than seeing their neighbor mow their lawn.

I’m surprised she didn’t call the police.

Luckily the person in the video was not closer to the battery.

Poor dog was almost taken by an alligator.

Poor little boy, he may be scarred for life.

Perfect example of how we’re in this together.

These never get old.

And he’s the absolute worst.

They totally have. And there are so many more public freak outs to scroll through.

There is room for both cars and cyclists on the road, Karen.

Somehow I think a lot of us are feeling like this cat.

I guess hotels are not open in her area?

You can see the moment his life flashed before his eyes.

The storyline changed very quickly.

Milk was a bad choice.

I would be out of there very quickly too.

And we should call them all out.

A wonderful bonding experience for these co-workers.

This is better than any no phone usage announcement.

Their reaction is adorable.

It’s shocking and yet so hilarious.

Should have packed lighter.

Hopefully we won’t have to do them much longer.

But I’m Team UPS.