Over 1 Million People Have Signed Petition to Remake 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 | 22 Words

It's nearly twenty-three years since the first Game of Thrones book was released and it's been eight years since it first hit our screens. It's always been a big budget show. Even back in season one, each episode had a budget of $6m, but that figure has reached $15m per episode for the show's final season.

With the world's biggest audience waiting on tenterhooks to discover how it all works out, it was always going to be impossible to please everyone. Some people are so unhappy with how this season is playing out, however, that they are requesting a petition to get the whole last season remade, but is that the right call?

Let's take a look at the allegations that are being made, and why they are wildly incorrect. Or are they? Let's see.

This might just be the biggest event on television ever.

The most recent - and final - season of GoT will go down in history as one of the most hotly anticipated television moments that the world has ever seen. After seven seasons of building tensions, we entered the final season with everything to play for.

The viewing figures are astonishing.

GoT is averaging 43m viewers per episode in this final season. That's ten million more than the last season, which was already far ahead of any of its competitors. To put that in context, The Sopranos was record-breaking back in the day with 14m viewers per episode, on average.

Have you been able to follow the three story arcs?

GoT has had three main story arcs throughout its time. The first was concerning the danger coming from the north of the Wall. This is what Jon Snow and the Night's Watch were in charge of protecting.  This storyline involved wildlings, wights, and the Night King.

The Mother of Dragons brought fire to the story.

The second arc followed Daenerys Targaryen. We watched as she conquered foreign lands against the odds with her winning personality and incredibly powerful dragons.

The Iron Throne has been hotly contested throughout.

The final story arc was based mostly in King's Landing. It was regarding the Iron Throne and who would eventually sit on it. This final season has had to bring all three storylines to a conclusion and people have been pretty unhappy throughout. If you haven't already watched this season's episodes, beware, there's about to be some pretty major spoilers coming up.

Arya saved the living from the dead.

The first arc was resolved pretty resoundingly in episode 3 of this season. Fire and ice seemed to be an almost equal match for each other, with Daenerys halting the soldiers before the Night King called up its reawakened un-dead creatures. When all seemed lost, Arya became the hero that she had been training to be for the last decade and killed the Night King.

Was the battle against the Night King resolved too easily?

After years of building tension, some people were annoyed that it was wrapped up so quickly, but it did build up for two episodes and there was a double-length battle episode to take it to its conclusion. Seriously, it was a whole hour and a half long. In the end, the conclusion of this story arc was dramatic, surprising, and final. That left us with two more story arcs to conclude...

Daenerys, The Breaker of Chains, won people over with justice.

Daenerys has managed to conquer pretty much everyone that she has come across so far. First, she won over their hearts and minds and did her best to be a just ruler. But let's not forget that she was able to achieve all of this because she had three dragons backing her up... Once that number had been reduced to one, she looked more vulnerable. This made people question her competence as a leader, which, as you can imagine, might make Daenerys doubt whether her people love her unconditionally. But, more on this subject later…

Is Daenerys still the heir to the Iron Throne?

Daenerys' storyline has always relied on the fact that she is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. It was her destiny; it was the reason that she came into this life, and it was all backed up by her title as Mother of Dragons. The discovery that Jon Snow is actually her nephew and the true rightful heir puts Daenerys in a sticky situation, especially as she is now without two of her dragons. Again... we'll come back to that.

Cersei has given it her all.

The third story arc has mostly seen Cersei trying to consolidate the Lannisters' claim to the Iron Throne, despite not really having a solid claim in any way. However, the wealth of the Lannisters, combined with Cersei's tenacity and persistence has led Cersei to be based in the Red Keep at King's Landing.

She's not so happy about all that fire now...

Cersei has managed to see off claims from Robert Baratheon's two brothers, Renly and Stannis. She has also managed to keep out all manipulators, in particular, those trying to get close to her sons, by destroying the Great Sept of Baelor. But while she looked upon the last fire with a smug glee, this time it was a very different set of emotions she experienced as she looked down on the destruction.

A lot of people aren't happy about how this season played out.

You would think, after all this, that people would be excited to witness the final outcome of GoT, but you can't please everyone, and that is certainly the case with this season. People's reactions have ranged from confusion to anger and, now, a petition has been started to re-write the whole of the final season.

So what are people's problems with this season?

The first issue began with Arya killing the Night King. A lot of people thought that it should have been Jon, or that Arya didn't deserve it. This was, of course, wildly incorrect.

Arya was the only person who could have killed the Night King.

Arya isn't a soldier. Instead, she spent her whole life training to be an assassin. She can move without being seen and has killed many people before. She had even practiced the exact same move before on Brienne of Tarth, using the same prophetic knife. Jon was leading the troops, but Arya was doing what it took to protect her family, as always.

Did Jamie stay true to his character?

Jamie Lannister had one of the biggest character developments of all of the GoT characters. He went from being a weak, incestuous, king-slayer, to a down-to-earth, honorable soldier protecting the North. Yet he left Brienne of Tarth behind to go back to his hateful sister... It left a lot of people asking if that was the right move for Jamie.

Jamie has always loved Cersei more than anything.

From the very beginning, Jamie and Cersei have always spoken of their impenetrable bond; it's why he did a lot of the terrible things he did. In season one, Cersei said that they weren't just brother and sister, as they shared a womb. She added that they "came into this world together" and "belong together." This mirrors the novel, in which Jamie says that he cannot live while Cersei dies. He even said to Bronn in season 5 that he would like to die "in the arms of the woman he loves."

They love each other despite their faults.

Although we've seen Jamie's character development, he doesn't see himself as a good person. He sees Cersei as the only person who loves him as a whole, despite everything he's done. And he's the only person who loves and understands her. Even when he left her, he never wanted to survive while she died. Tyrion mentioned earlier in the season that Jamie loved Cersei despite knowing how bad she is, and this brought him back to that realization. And what about Dany?

Daenerys is almost unrecognizable.

The storyline that has most antagonized people is that of Daenerys. She has gone from the Breaker of Chains and rightful heir to the throne to another mad Targaryen killing thousands of innocents. Keep reading to find out what fans of the show did with all their frustration over this final season...

People do not like having to face facts.

There has always been a possibility that Daenerys would go mad, but people were taken in by their love for her, both in the show and in the audience. Now that her downfall has begun, people are furious.

Have the writers done their job well?

The TV show has overtaken the books, so the writers had to go off notions, rather than the incredibly complex novels. But despite it being an incredibly clever show as a whole, people have started to call the writers lazy.

People are even signing a petition to get season 8 remade.

Now, over 1 million people have signed a petition to have the final season remade, and for some reason, this Twitter-user thinks that the same writers are the best people for the job. Maybe it's because, really, they've already done an amazing job. This is the season that has brought back scenes with startling similarities to earlier seasons. It has hidden symbolism, answers to questions that we started asking years ago, and references to everything that had been building up to this moment, yet people are accusing the writers of being lazy.

The directors have perfectly explained Daenerys' change.

Daenerys' evolution into an evil dictator came as a shock to many. They thought of her as the woman who wanted to liberate everyone from their chains, rather than burn a city of innocent people to the ground. What they were missing is that her whole life has been building to this moment. She was abused as a child and sold into marriage, all in the name of the Iron Throne. Everything she has ever done, or that ever happened to her, was building up to her victory at King's Landing. It was meant to be her shining glory that would make everything feel better and worthwhile, but it didn't. It didn't help her at all, so she acted out.

Were people not paying attention?

Not only has Daenerys' whole life been about this moment, but it also came on the back of some severe losses for her. She's lost everyone that mattered to her. Jon and Tyrion were the only people that she thought that she could still rely on and she felt betrayed by both of them. She didn't know who to trust and was full of rage. She needed to let it out, to do something to try to prove herself.

Should the storyline have been clearer?

These Twitter-users felt that the plotline, and Daenerys' descent into madness, wasn't clear enough. But that's why Jorah and Missandei had to die. That's why Tyrion had to be at fault and Varys had to die. It was all to show that she felt completely alone and that nothing would help her now. They already did explain it to us.

Daenerys has always been looking for love.

Daenerys has clearly been a loving character since the beginning of the show. She wants to love and for people to love her. It was clear right from the start with Drogo. But from the beginning, she has been certain of her destiny. She is certain that she deserves her spot on the Iron Throne, and she will do what is necessary to get there. When she felt spurned by Jon, she was disappointed and angry and acted out from her own fear. She fears that she doesn't deserve it and that her whole life has been worthless.

We should look at it this way.

These two videos make it clear why it happened as it did. It hasn't been lazy writing or uncharacteristic behavior at all. This was always likely to happen. Much like with so many scenes in this series, everything has been building up to this moment.

Some people are a bit more circumspect about what happened.

Daenerys has always used her dragons to achieve the results that she wanted. In the past, the mere threat of them was enough to get results, but she was always very clear about her plan of action. So it should not be surprising that she chose to use them.

At least one person was happy about what happened.

In a classic case of self-fulfilling prophecy, if Sansa had not told Tyrion about Jon, maybe Daenerys would have still felt like she could trust someone. Without them, she felt alone and needed an outlet for her emotions. On the other hand, maybe it was just that Sansa could tell that Daenerys couldn't be trusted. Either way, Sansa looks well placed going into the final episode. Could it be her that ends up on the Iron Throne?

Not every storyline made people unhappy.

Arya and the hound's storylines had been the very best throughout GoT. Their unlikely pairing won the hearts of every viewer and people couldn't wait to see what happened next. Seeing Arya and Sandor finally admit that they had come to care for each other was beyond moving. While seeing the hound finally take down his brother and confront his two biggest fears (fire and his brother), was a truly emotional moment.

Now... watch the trailer for FINAL EPISODE. I can't even believe it.

Looks like a lot of death and destruction, right?