‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ Discusses How Becoming a Meme Affected Her Life

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The woman behind the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme has spoken out about how going viral changed her life forever…

Because who could forget?

The then twenty-year-old Laina Morris uploaded a bizarre video captioned “JB Fan Video” to YouTube.

Laina went on to perform a parody rendition of Justin Bieber’s single “Boyfriend” with personalized lyrics. It is believed that she did this following Bieber’s announcement of an online sing-off contest in promoting his celebrity perfume Girlfriend.

“If I was your girlfriend / I’d never let you leave / without a small recording device / taped under your sleeve / I’ll always be checking up on you / Hey, boy, who you talking to? / Spend a day with your girl, I’ll be calling you my husband.”

And this resulted in the video being picked up on numerous internet culture blogs like The Daily What, BuzzFeed, Jezebel, and The Daily Dot… not to mention its viral spread on Tumblr and Facebook.

And Laina’s parody song was viewed worldwide.

And believe us when we say this… there were a lot of them made over the years.

There was literally a meme for everything

And of course, they were all related to an obsessive girlfriend.

We all know these memes…

And we’ve all been guilty of sharing and making jokes with them!

But what was this like for Laina, who is the face of these memes that have been shared worldwide?

It’s important to remember that the overly attached girlfriend is a real person.

Laina is from Denton in Texas and despite keeping her personal life very private, she used her new internet fame to her own advantage by building her YouTube personality.

And she didn’t seem to mind being the face of the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme.

Laina is now twenty-eight and this week, she appeared in an exclusive video interview with BuzzFeed to discuss how she “accidentally” became a meme and the long-lasting effects it has had on her life.

“I was a Justin Bieber fan, but keep in mind, I was twenty-years-old and Justin Bieber was a teenager… I wasn’t really obsessed with him. I think it was just kinda fun, silly music that I enjoyed.”

She recalls waking up the next morning and her roommate showing her their laptop screen and saying simply, “You’re a meme.”

And Laina explained how she “rode the wave” of popularity, which lead her to appear on several TV shows – including in the Delta airlines safety video.

And while things were going well for a while, after around a year, Laina started to feel a ton of pressure and started to ask herself questions such as, “Do I want to move to Los Angeles?” and “Do I want to be an actor or a stand-up comedian?”.

It all suddenly became very overwhelming and stressful for Laina…

And in 2014, she landed herself in a big depression. “I didn’t know it at the time,” she explained. “I kind of thought, I have all these great opportunities and I’ve got this great life making money… like, I’m not depressed? It’s just I’m stuck or I’m lazy, or I can’t find the motivation.”

“I remember crying in the parking lot after picking up my prescription because I didn’t want to rely on a single pill to feel better. But at the end of the day, I knew that anything was better than how I was feeling… and it worked for me!”

In the emotional video, she explained her motives behind quitting and how important it is to put your mental health first… before anything else.

And she explained how using these forms of social media “don’t take over her life” like YouTube did.

And despite there being so many highs and lows, the meme changed her life forever.

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