Owners Promise to Never Leave Pets Alone Again After Dog’s Act of Loneliness is Caught on Camera

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A pet owner decided to set up a surveillance camera in their home to see what their dog did in their absence… But what they saw was utterly heartbreaking.

It’s no secret that dogs are the nation’s favorite pet – They’re cute, they’re loving, and, most importantly, they’re loyal.

And we all know that our pooches would, quite literally, walk to the ends of the earth for us.

As pack-oriented animals, dogs are happier and more content as part of the household “pack” and can become distressed and, sometimes even depressed, when left alone for long periods of time.

Now, we would all love to spend every dying moment with our dogs, I’m sure.

But, with jobs and other commitments, this is sadly just not possible for the majority of us.

Granted, a couple of hours of alone time won’t do our pooches much harm. But, sadly, there are many dogs out there who are left completely alone in the house all day long. 

Studies have even found that dogs don’t just tolerate human presence; they actively seek it out. So, it’s safe to say that these animals need social closeness with humans, and deprivation of this contact poses welfare concerns.

He explained: “Dogs have evolved to living in fully cohesive groups, i.e. ones that don’t temporarily fragment. Social isolation is therefore often problematic to them and they can experience anxiety due to separation. “It’s also true that with dogs being social animals they are likely to feel less secure in those times they are left in social isolation. Social animals have shown to crave social contact when isolated more than food.”

And many can grow to become anxious and aggravated as a result. Who else is suddenly rushing home from work?

Because, as soon as we return home, our dogs are happy and full of beans once again.

What exactly do our dogs get up to when left all alone in the house?

A Reddit user, who has remained unidentified, decided to set up surveillance cameras around the house in order to get an insight into their dog’s doings and emotions while left alone in the house.

And the result was nothing short of heartbreaking.

The dog, which resembles a pit-bull mix, could be seen wandering around the lounge forlornly before sniffing out and picking up its owner’s shoe.

As he wanders tentatively towards the couch.

And starts circling for a spot to settle down (and start chewing up the shoe, maybe?)

But none of us were expected his next move.

He cuddles up to the shoe.

Yep, instead of chewing or ripping up the shoe to smithereens like our own pooches would have done, the dog simply rests his head against the shoe.

Evidently, this dog misses his owner so much that his only comfort is a shoe that smells like him or her.

And many people have commented that they just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving their own pet so lonely. One person wrote: “That’s it. I’m never leaving my dog alone again,” while another commented: “That broke my heart a bit! Needs a friend, I think. So lonely.”

Though be warned, it may haunt you for the rest of your days.

And, in many instances, they have been known to change people’s lives for the better. Keep scrolling to read about the woman who, once terrified of dogs, adopted dogs terrified of people to build a beautiful friendship…