19 Packaging Fails That Don’t Make Even a Little Bit of Sense

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Good things come in small packages.

Bad things come in these packages.

Oh, you wanted 5 pounds of jelly beans to enjoy? Here you go! Have fun opening them up one at a time!

If only bananas came with their own container that kept them naturally “sealed for freshness.” Oh well!

Here’s another brilliant solution to the problem we all have with bananas, which is that they are unprotected from the elements from any kind of outer layer. Thanks to whoever designed these packages, you can easily peel open a banana!

Let me get this straight. They peeled oranges only to put them in plastic containers? We’ve clearly entered the darkest timeline.

Although this is somehow even worse. What does that plastic wrap achieve that is not already achieved by the peel? Think you’ve seen the end of individually wrapped produce? Think again!

Say what you will, but the brilliant packaging tactic kills two birds with one stone. (The second bird is a literal bird that literally dies because it’s eaten plastic.)

What’s the point of having a mailbox if you aren’t going to take up every single inch of it with an over-sized package? At least whatever you ordered wasn’t damaged…?

Now I’ve seen it all. Individually wrapped Q-tips! This company has gone through the trouble of wrapping an item that is used for approximately 3.5 seconds before being thrown away. Also, who the heck has ever seen black Q-tips?!

This frame is actually perfect for my dog Charlie. I showed it to him and he started purring.

Eh. Close enough. Have you ever ordered stamps directly from the post office? Hopefully they didn’t arrive looking like this…

It could possibly have cost more to ship that box than what those stamps are worth. Good thing they didn’t forget the bubble wrap, though.

Watermelon…corn… who can tell the difference? (Also, again with wrapping produce items that naturally grow with a protective outer layer?!)

Hey, they said it was a “complete” cookie. Not a whole cookie. That’s why you’ve always got to read the fine print.

On the one hand, an organization such as Animal Planet should really not have messed that up. On the other hand, I would want to avoid both species, so like, I get it.

We wouldn’t want this product to be damaged, so let’s put it in zippered plastic bag. Actually, I have a better idea. Let’s put part of it in a zippered plastic bag. It won’t protect anything, but it will look funny.

Uh-oh. Looks like somebody for the L in “Clock.”

“The Family Fruit Basket”? Guys, I’m pretty sure that’s a basket filled with goods made out of various family members.

If only there were some kind of picture on the outside of the box to indicate what it was meant to contain. Never mind. That’d be crazy.

Hey, I’m not complaining. Peaches are delicious! I bet you won’t even be able to tell the difference when they’re in some chili. Share this article with someone who gets a kick out of others’ failures!