Company Will Pay You $1,000 to Binge-Watch Every Episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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A company is offering one lucky applicant the chance to get paid $1,000 to binge-watch Grey’s Anatomy, which sounds like a dream, right?

The medical drama first came out back in 2005 and is still winning the hearts of fans all over the world. It’s also surprisingly still ongoing despite several character deaths and many different storylines.

And while pretty much everyone I know has watched the show start to finish for free, getting paid to watch every episode back to back sounds pretty enticing.

Company, NiceRx, is looking for the ideal candidate to watch all 380 episodes of the TV show in one sitting. And they want you to keep some specific notes.

To win the $1,000 prize, you have to work out whether Meredith Grey or Miranda Bailey saved more lives throughout the whole series.

As well as the cash prize, you will receive a box set of the show, a personalized Cameo message from Dr. Richard Webber, and a year’s subscription to Netflix.

And people seem to be up for the challenge…

One Facebook user wrote: “I’m on series 3, started binge-watching for the first time less than 2 weeks ago! Why did I never watch before!”

Another commented: “I should send them an invoice. Watched every single one in lockdown last year. The first time I’d watch it too.”

However, not everyone’s buying it…

“So 11 k for 380 hours work =2.63 an hour. Let’s turn slave labor into a prize! Anyone who applies for this is daft or starving. If the latter it shows our society has failed.”

Another wrote: “They’re going to need to pay more than that.”

And others had their own payment rules…

“Mmm, that show is intense, $500.00 every time I cry, $300.00 every time I get a new crush, and $1,600 every time I see MC Dreamy because I could have a heart attack.”

At forty-three minutes per episode, that’s roughly 16,340 minutes behind the screen. Equating to around 272 hours or just over eleven days straight without any breaks, which is pretty grueling if you think about it.

You’d have to spread it out over at least a month if you wanted any kind of social life.

NiceRx said: “So if the thought of getting paid to spend a summer curled up on the sofa with the staff at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital sounds like a dream come true, apply now, and tell us why you fit the bill!

“To enter, all you need to do is explain in 200 words why you feel you’re America’s biggest Grey’s Anatomy fan.”

Because the company is based in America, they’re only taking applicants who live here in the U.S. So, if you’re looking for a bit of extra cash, why not give it a go?

You can apply here.