Paige Spiranac Fires Back After ‘Disgusting’ Response to Masters Tweet

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Former professional golfer Paige Spiranac found herself in hot water after a Tweet during this year’s Masters – but she’s hit back at her detractors…

She isn’t your average looking golfer, is she?

The twenty-seven-year-old, from Colorado, has played golf professionally since college, and now dedicates her life to the sport.

So where exactly did Paige’s passion for the unlikely sport come from?

As a child, Paige was a keen gymnast, but a severe knee injury at the age of twelve soon foiled any plans of her ever competing professionally.

As a result of a hair condition, Paige was bullied as a child and struggled to make friends, meaning she found herself to be alone quite frequently.

After recovering from her injury, Paige discovered the world of golf and was instantly hooked. She even became homeschooled so she could dedicate more of her time to training.

Upon starting college, Paige threw herself into golfing competitions, with her taking part in 3 events for the University of Arizona Wildcats during the 2011–2012 season. The following year, she transferred to San Diego State University, where she successfully competed in several more championships.

That year, Paige’s golf-oriented social media presence had grown to unprecedented levels and ultimately resulted in her being able to compete in the Omega Dubai Ladies Classic. She missed the cut, but the exposure resulted in many sponsors and endorsement deals, officially making her a professional golfer.

But this was to be her last, as she hasn’t played in any championships since.

Paige has become somewhat of a social media influencer.

Her social platforms are dedicated to all things golf, and she regularly shares her own tips and tricks to playing the sport successfully.

But her career isn’t without controversy.

And this week, she’s found herself in hot water.

Following Hideki Matsuyama’s historic Masters win, she congratulated him online.

But many took serious issue with what she said.

Here’s the tweet that caused the furor…

(It’s a reference to Matsuyama being Japanese, FYI.)

But now Spiranac has hit back at the trolls.

“It’s disgusting how everything gets twisted,” she said.

“I made a comment about how amazing the menu will be next year because I love Japanese food.”

“Most winners create menus to honor where they are from and I would expect Hideki to do the same.”

“I don’t care if someone calls me a sl*t but to be called a racist is uncalled me [sic].”

“I would never and I’m honestly so upset about this.”

Do you think her comment was wrong?

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