You're a pretty smart person, right?

I mean, you might not have won a Nobel Prize or discovered a new type of math, but you have made it this far in life with the knowledge in your head. That being said, I'm betting that even the smartest people in the world make mistakes in their life, or have completely missed some base-level knowledge before. I know I have!

It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I learned that "Wolverine" is in fact not another name for wolves, and that wolverines are a different type of animal. This wouldn't be quite as embarrassing if I hadn't spent my entire life living in Michigan (The Wolverine State).

Even now, there could be some very basic thing that everyone knows except for you.

Knowledge is power.

Though, we don't all have the same powers. A recent Twitter thread gave people the chance to share what well-known bits of knowledge they didn't learn until way later in life. They're seriously amazing.

It all started when writer Shannon Proudfoot, posed this question:

Ready to read some epiphanies? You might learn something new!

Let's start with this one:

Those poor artichokes! I may have thought wolverines are wolves, but I can rest assured that I knew artichokes were not animals.

Sammy Terry.

To be fair, this isn't the best pun I've ever come across in my lifetime. Still, 30 years passed before you learned it?

The Lincoln Memorial.

I understand that. It has some very trolley-like attributes!

Diagon Alley.

Wait until you realize Knockturn Alley is "nocturnally." And Grimmauld Place is a "Grim, Old Place."


I think "Chick Filla" is a much better version of the name. Should we all start calling it that?

Underwater Babies.

This is mind-boggling. I'm glad someone finally set her straight!

Janet Jackson.

A lot of people have the same last name and aren't siblings! And some siblings have different last names (looking at you, Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen).


I'm sure this isn't the only person who thought this. Those maps can be tricky!

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

This one is adorable. Imagine his dismay upon learning his mom wanted to feed him a girl cheese sandwich!

Your stove probably does this!

Just checked my own stove and yep! It does this. (I will still avoid cleaning it, though.)


When I first started dating my husband, I had to show him video footage of narwhals before he would believe that they were real.

The Beatles.

Maybe The Beatles were a bit too clever for their own good. Or maybe you were a bit too, un-clever.

Gas Tank.

This must have taken so much time and brain power. I don't even know how much gas my tank holds.

Reality Shows.

Imagine the horror upon realizing the truth in this one. Of course, depending on which show I was "selected" for, I might be into it. If they ever reboot The Mole, I am SO THERE.


Man, that Anonymous writer sure did write a lot of things, huh? So cool that they only had one name, too. Like Cher. Or Madonna.


I want to know what she thought the sandwich crust was. No, I need to know.


If this isn't the purest, most adorable thing you've read all day, then I don't know what to tell you. Canada, never change.


Plenty of people think ponies are baby horses. They are all 100 percent wrong.


This makes sense to me. Bu unfortunately, it is incorrect.


I applaud your father for his quick thinking! I also assume you went all out and bought a bunch of candy when you turned 21-years-old.

VHS Tapes.

I never understood this message, either! This was a pretty good guess if you ask me.


You were a step ahead of me. I assumed it was spelled "epidemy" and said "epi-TOME" the first time I read the word aloud.

Medical Dressing.

This is amazing. I keep imagining a nurse squeezing a bottle of Ranch dressing all over a patient.


Man, that is one nasty bush! I'm going to start carrying hedge clippers with me wherever I go.

Tin Foil.

Did you know about this? This changes everything.

Lint Rollers.

They were spending so much money on lint rollers thinking it was a one-use item? But they never thought to use tape instead?

Radio Stations.

Leave it to kids to think of the solution that makes the least amount of sense in order to explain something that's quite simple.

This little piggy.

Oh, no, no, no. That hurt me on a personal level. Share this with someone who loves learning!