You can never go wrong with pancakes, can you?

But the latest pancake trend is taking the humble breakfast food to a whole new level...

Raise your hand if you love pancakes.

We totally agree with you with that one.

Remember when IHOP did this?

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IHOP created the "pancizza" for one weekend only, in honor of National Pizza Day which happened to be on February 9th.

It came in 3 different flavors.

You've got your classic plain buttermilk pancake, for those who wanna stick with what they know. Then, there's also a bacon and cheddar, and a cupcake pancizza!

They then took things to a whole new level.

From March 2nd to April 12th, they ran their all-new cereal pancake menu.

The pancakes and shakes incorporate 3 popular cereals:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries, and Fruity Lucky Charms.

But the latest trend to hit the pancake world?

Well, they can be created at home!

Pancake charcuterie boards, of course.

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And they're a thing of beauty.


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A feast for the eyes and the stomach!

The best part?

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You can really personalize your board.

What toppings are your favorite?

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The world is your oyster!

Bring in extra breakfast foods ...

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Like waffles and eggs!

Stick to something healthy.

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Like a selection of your fave fresh fruits...

Or go traditional.

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Butter, butter, and more butter.

Fruit a little too healthy?

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Add in a big ol' stack of bacon.

Keep things sweet.

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With stunning concentric circles.

Stick with tradition.

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Blueberries are a classic for a reason.

Our mouths are watering.

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Breakfast never looked so pretty! Want more breakfast inspiration? Scroll on...