A former Pandora employee has recently exposed a cheating boyfriend in the most iconic way... The tea is hot today!

Have a look for yourselves...

Imagine getting a ring from your boyfriend only to realize you weren't the only one?



Well, one unlucky woman is currently going through that horrible situation as her boyfriend, Jake, was recently exposed on TikTok.

And Eli, a former Pandora employee, was the bearer of the bad news.


Posting to the social media platform, Eli decided she was going to look out for the stranger and let her know that her man was actually cheating on her, buying 2 different rings for 2 different women.

And the guy even had the confidence to be shameless about it!

When Eli asked him if he wanted to gift receipts for the rings, he let her into his secret affair.

But like a lot of women in the comments claimed, if he's called "Jake", what else would you expect?

(For legal and moral reasons, that was a joke, I'm sure your Jake isn't cheating on you... Hopefully.)

Other comments also poured in...


The video immediately went viral on the platform, gaining over 2.3 million views and hundreds of comments.

In the video, the former Pandora employee says: "If your boyfriend's name is Jake and he lives in MTL, he just bought 2 rings for his 'girl and his sidepiece'."

​"Here are the two rings," she continues, showing the audience the jewelry.

And they're pretty poor choices, to be honest. Jake's got no taste and he's a cheater. Wow.

She ends the clip by saying "you deserve better" and titled the video: "Gotta support my girls".

We were all at the edge of our seats, waiting to see what follows.

In the meantime, Eli told us that she quit Pandora and this was her last bit of work left to do.


And we totally support it! And for those of you questioning if it was a "breach of privacy", it wasn't because she doesn't technically work there.

While we didn't get much of an update on the situation, someone claiming to be her best friend commented this under the video:


So we can only assume Jake's girlfriend knows she's being cheated on.

You're better off without him, honey!


Gotta support my girls ##foryou ##fyp

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