Parent Admits To Feeding Daughter’s Friend Meat Despite Her Being Vegan

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All parents have rules, and generally speaking, no way is the wrong way. So, when a parent lives a certain way, whether that’s to do with culture, ethics, or health, other parents and family members should respect these decisions.

But, this one parent has admitted that she gives her daughter’s vegan friend meat behind her parent’s backs.

It’s never nice when someone goes behind your back, disrespecting your values, but this parent has done exactly that, feeding her daughter’s vegan friend meals containing meat.

But, it’s not just that. The parent has admitted to doing it without the child’s vegan parents knowing, telling the child to lie about the food she’s fed.

They claim that they feed M meaty meals because they “noticed how much smaller and paler she is” compared to their daughter, as per the Reddit post.

The parent then dived into what they’ve been feeding M during the time she stays over.
“Last weekend I made some cheeseburgers and steak for them on the grill with a big glass of milk. M absolutely loves it and always politely asks for more (which I happily provide),” she wrote.
Continuing on, the parent explained: “For snacks, I give them some of my venison jerkies. For breakfast, I typically make a big plate of scrambled eggs and bacon again with a big glass of milk.”

And the parent’s conscience suddenly began to kick in, taking to Reddit for advice.

Asking: “Am I the As*hole for letting my daughter’s vegan friend eat meat?” and let’s just say a lot of people were divided over the issue.
“‘I think M is a bit malnourished’ is where I deemed you the asshole. You are absolutely judging her family, and her family’s diet, and you are doing this out of some misguided form of activism. You think you’re the hero here saving her from some injustice,” one person wrote.

And another person wrote: “Not just that, no adult should be asking a kid to keep a secret from their parents, that is a very slippery slope and extremely inappropriate.”

Another person sarcastically noted: “But M is smaller and paler than OP’s daughter. There’s literally nothing in the world that could possibly cause that to happen except M’s diet.”

But, while many were grilling the parent, others sided with her.

“My only thoughts are that at 12, her friend is certainly old enough to decide if she wants to be vegan or not. I suspect her choosing not to be would not be well received at home hence her sneaking around,” one Reddit reader wrote.
And rather similarly, someone else said: “Without giving a judgment, I would suggest that at 12 years old she is old enough to decide her own diet and whether she wants to be a vegan or not. If she wants to eat meat, I don’t see an issue with it. If it’s being forced on her, huge issue.”
What do you think about the issue?