Parents Are Explaining Why Sex After Kids Is So Hilariously Difficult

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Any parent will tell you that your life changes in pretty much every way after you have kids. Sometimes parents are open about it, and sometimes the effects are a little too…personal…to share with mixed company.

Well, that’s what Twitter’s for, so check out parents sharing the experiences on how having kids affected Mom and Dad’s sex life!

Far more practical, far less fun, wouldn’t you say?

Granted, the kids won’t ground them or anything, but it’s awkward enough that you’ll want to keep things on the DL.

I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to this innocent bit of deception to engage in something that’s…not quite so innocent.

Who wants to get busy while dealing with a lice breakout?

Did you ever think a nap could be sexy? If not, you’ve probably never had kids waking you up in the morning.

At least shuttle launchers don’t have to sneak around!

So you’ll have to either really apply yourself OR…live a life of celibacy. Neither option is all that fun, is it?

Hopefully, you can get a sitter or take a vacation soon enough and remember.

Oh, well. You’re in it together. You take those fancy socks and food stains and get to work! Don’t let a few stains keep the romance out of your life. Well, at least don’t let them do it all the time!